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William B. Chandler III : Courses and Seminars

Advanced Issues in Delaware Corporate Law
LAWS 52203
This course is not a survey or an introduction to corporate law. It is a class designed to help students understand why Delaware dominates the corporate chartering market by examining recent issues arising in the Delaware courts and the Delaware legislature. Students will be expected to read a variety of articles, as well as judicial decisions and statutory material, addressing the most current topical issues in Delaware corporate law and corporate governance, ranging from M&A issues to recent bylaw battles and to developments in shareholder activism. Students must have had a basic business organizations course or M&A course, as familiarity with basic corporate law principles is necessary and essential. Student participation is required. There will not be a casebook; instead, students will read materials and reported decisions that are easily accessible in the public domain. The mini-course will meet April 25, 26, 27 and 28. Grades will be awarded based on class participation and an in-class final examination that will be based on the materials covered in class.
Spring 2016
William B. Chandler III