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Diane P. Wood : Publications

Books (Author)

    Trade Regulation: Cases and Materials (6th ed.) (Foundation Press, 2010) (edited with Harvey J. Goldschmid & Robert Pitofsky). [CU]

    Trade Regulation, 6th edition (Foundation Press, 2010) (edited with Robert Pitofsky & Harvey J. Goldschmid). [CU]

    Trade Regulation: Cases and Materials (4th ed.) (West Publishing Company, 1997) (edited with Harvey J. Goldschmid & Robert Pitofsky). [CU]

    Merger Cases in the Real World: A Study of Merger Control Procedures (OECD, 1994) (edited with Richard P. Whish). [CU]

    Antitrust and American Business Abroad, 2nd ed., 1993 Supplement (Shepard's/McGraw-Hill, 1993). [CU]

Journal Articles

    "Back to the Basics of Erie," 18 Lewis and Clark Law Review 673 (2014).

    "The Structure of Sovereignty," 18 Lewis and Clark Law Review 215 (2014) (2013 Honorable Betty Roberts Women in the Law Lecture).

    "Is It Time to Abolish the Federal Circuit's Exclusive Jurisdiction in Patent Cases?," 13 Chicago-Kent Journal of Intellectual Property 1 (2014).

    "State Aid Management in the United States," 12 European State Aid Law Quarterly 40 (2013). [CU]

    "Theory and Practice in Antitrust Law: Judge Cudahy's Example," 29 Yale Journal on Regulation 403 (2012). [CU]

    "When to Hold, When to Fold, and When to Reshuffle: The Art of Decisionmaking on a Multi-Member Court," 100 California Law Review 1445 (2012). [CU]

    "Dialogue with Federal Judges on the Role of History in Interpretation," 80 George Washington Law Review 1889 (2012) (with Frank H. Easterbrook, Jeffrey S. Sutton & Reena Raggi). [CU] [WWW]

    "The Quiet Convergence Of Arbitration And Litigation," 5 World Arbitration And Mediation Review 273 (2011). [CU]

    "Summary Judgment and the Law of Unintended Consequences," 36 Oklahoma City University Law Review 231 (2011). [CU]

    "Constitutions and Capabilities: A (Necessarily) Pragmatic Approach," 10 Chicago Journal of International Law 415 (2010). [CU]

    "Square Pegs in Round Holes: The Interaction between Judges and Economic Evidence," 5 Competition Policy International 51 (2009). [CU]

    "The Changing Face of Diversity Jurisdiction," 82 Temple Law Review 593 (2009). [CU]

    "Antitrust Settlements in the United States Session One: Principles and Objectives of Antitrust Settlements: Panel II," 2008 European Competition Law Annual 277 (2008). [CU]

    "Snapshots from the Seventh Circuit: Continuity and Change, 1966-2007," 2008 Wisconsin Law Review 1 (2008). [CU]

    "The Bedrock of Individual Rights in Times of Natural Disaster," 51 Howard Law Journal 747 (2008). [CU]

    "Cuno v. Daimler Chrysler, Inc.: State 'Aids' from an American Perspective," 2007 European State Aid Law Quarterly 3 (2007). [CU]

    "Antitrust Modernization: Who Needs It? Who Wants It?," 4 Current Competition Law 423 (2005). [CU]

    "Reflections on the Judicial Oath," 8 Green Bag 177 (2005). [CU]

    "Our 18th Century Constitution in the 21st Century World," 80 New York University Law Review 1079 (2005). [CU]

    "Antitrust at the Global Level," 72 University of Chicago Law Review 309 (2005). [CU]

    "Antitrust in the US Supreme Court: A Review of the 2003-2004 Term," 3 Competition Law Journal 101 (2004). [CU]

    "The U.S. Antitrust Laws in a Global Context," 2004 Columbia Business Law Review 265 (2004). [CU]

    "The Brave New World of Arbitration," 31 Capital University Law Review 383 (2003). [CU]

    "The Rule of Law in Times of Stress," 70 University of Chicago Law Review 455 (2003). [CU]

    "Soft Harmonizing among Competition Laws: Track Record and Prospects," 48 Antitrust Bulletin 305 (2003). [CU]

    "International Harmonization of Antitrust Law: The Tortoise or the Hare?," 3 Chicago Journal of International Law 391 (2002). [CU]

    "Tributes: Health, Heart and Mind: The Contributions of Richard A. Posner to Health Law and Policy," 17 Journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy ix (2000). [CU]

    "Techniques of Judicial Federalism," European Competition Law Annual 627 (2000). [CU]

    "Diffusion and Focus in International Law Scholarship," 1 Chicago Journal of International Law 141 (2000). [CU]

    "The Role of Economics and Economists in Competition Cases," 82 OECD Journal of Competition Law and Policy __ (1999). [CU]

    "Is Cooperation Possible?," 34 New England Law Review 103 (1999). [CU]

    "The Qualities of a Justice: Harry A. Blackmun," 99 Columbia Law Review 1409 (1999). [CU]

    "Sex Discrimination in Life and Law," 1999 University of Chicago Legal Forum 1 (1999). [CU]

    "International Law and Federalism: What Is the Reach of Regulation?," 23 Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy 97 (1999). [CU]

    "Commentary on the Futures Problem by Geoffrey C. Hazard Jr.," 148 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1933 (1999). [CU]

    "Review of Regulatory Cooperation for Effectiveness and Compliance: Strategies for Joint Action Among Securities, Banking, and Antitrust Regulators (1997))," 1997 Proceedings of the American Society of International Law 223 (1998) (with Paul A. Leder, Kathleen M. O'Day & Anne-Marie Slaughter). [CU]

    "Justice Harry A. Blackmun and the Responsibility of Judging," 26 Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly 11 (1998). [CU]

    "Generalist Judges in a Specialized World," 50 SMU Law Review 1755 (1997). [CU]

    "A Cooperative Framework for National Regulators," 72 Chicago-Kent Law Review 521 (1996). [CU]

    "Regulation in the Single Global Market: From Anarchy to World Federalism?," 23 Ohio Northern University Law Review 297 (1996). [CU]

    "When is Market Access Really Market Access," 24 International Business Lawyer 492 (1996). [CU]

    "The Internationalization of Antitrust Law: Options for the Future," 44 DePaul Law Review 1289 (1995). [CU]

    "Justice Harry A. Blackmun and the Virtues of Independence," 71 North Dakota Law Review 25 (1995). [CU]

    "Competition and the Single Firm: Monopolisation," 23 International Business Lawyer 456 (1995). [CU]

    "Tribute to Judge Irving L. Goldberg: The Consummate Humanist," 73 Texas Law Review 977 (1994). [CU]

    "United States Antitrust Law in the Global Market," 1 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 409 (1993). [CU]

    "The Impossible Dream: Real International Antitrust," 1992 University of Chicago Legal Forum 277 (1992). [CU]

    "Justice Blackmun and Individual Rights," 97 Dickinson Law Review 421 (1992). [CU]

    "International Competition Policy in a Diverse World: Can One Size Fit All?," 1991 Fordham Corporate Law Institute 71 (1991). [CU]

    "Court-Annexed Arbitration: The Wrong Cure The Role of the Jury in Civil Dispute Resolution," 1990 University of Chicago Legal Forum 421 (1990). [CU]

    "Fine-Tuning Judicial Federalism: A Proposal for Reform of the Anti-Injunction Act," 1990 Brigham Young University Law Review 289 (1990). [CU]

    "International Jurisdiction in National Legal Systems: The Case of Antitrust," 10 Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business 56 (1989). [CU]

    "Unfair Trade Injury: A Competition-Based Approach," 41 Stanford Law Review 1153 (1989). [CU]

    "The Summary Judgment Hurdle in Age Discrimination Cases," 1988-1989 Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases 72 (1988). [CU]

    "Of Discounters and Free Riders: How Much Longer Will Dr. Miles' Legal Proscription Last?," 1987-1988 Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases 240 (1988). [CU]

    "Conflicts of Jurisdiction in Antitrust Law: A Comment on Ordover and Atwood," 50 Law and Contemporary Problems 179 (1987). [CU]

    "Adjudicatory Jurisdiction and Class Actions," 62 Indiana Law Journal 597 (1987). [CU]

    "Book Review (reviewing Julius J. Marke & Najeeb Samie, eds., Antitrust and Restrictive Business Practices: International, Regional, and National Regulation, Binder I (1982))," 79 American Journal of International Law 503 (1985). [CU]

    "Book Review (reviewing Norbert Horn & Clive M. Schmitthoff, eds., The Transnational Law of International Commercial Transactions (1982))," 12 International Journal of Legal Information 39 (1984). [CU]

    "Antitrust 1984: Five Decisions in Search of a Theory," 1984 Supreme Court Review 69 (1984). [CU]

    "Book Review (reviewing Valentine Korah, Competition Law of Britain and the Common Market (1982))," 11 International Journal of Legal Information 295 (1983). [CU]

    "Book Review (reviewing Wilbur Fugate, Foreign Commerce and the Antitrust Laws (1982))," 11 International Journal of Legal Information 182 (1983). [CU]

    "Class Actions: Joinder or Representational Device?," 1983 Supreme Court Review 459 (1983). [CU]

    Comment, "Federal Venue: Locating the Place Where the Claim Arose," 54 Texas Law Review 392 (1976). [CU]

    Comment, "Coordinating the EPA, NEPA, and the Clean Air Act," 52 Texas Law Review 527 (1974). [CU]

Book Sections

    "Preface: Gender, Law, and the British Novel," in Subversion and Sympathy: Gender, Law, and the British Novel, Martha Nussbaum & Alison LaCroix eds. (Oxford University Press, 2013). [CU]

    "A Lesson from Shakespeare to the Modern Judge on Law, Disobedience, Justification, and Mercy," in Shakespeare and the Law: A Conversation Among Disciplines and Professions, Bradin Cormack, Martha Nussbaum & Richard Strier eds. (University of Chicago Press, 2013). [CU]

    "Our 18th Century Constitution in the 21st Century World," in The Embattled Constitution, Norman Dorsen & DeJulio, Catharine eds. (New York University Press, 2013). [CU]

    "Antitrust Settlements in the United States," in European Competition Law Annual: 2008: Antitrust Settlements under EC Competition Law, Claus-Dieter Ehlermann & Mel Marquis eds. (Hart Publishing, 2010). [CU]

    "Private Dispute Resolution in International Law," in Research Handbook in International Economic Law, Alan O. Sykes & Andrew T. Guzman eds. (Edward Elgar, 2007). [CU]

    "Cooperation and Convergence in International Antitrust: Why the Light Is Still Yellow," in Competition Laws in Conflict: Antitrust Jurisdiction in the Global Economy, Richard A. Epstein & Michael Greve eds. (AEI Press, 2004). [CU]

    "A U.S. Perspective on Ducks," in The Role of the Judge in International Trade Regulation: Experience and Lessons for the WTO, Thomas Cottier, Petros C. Mavroidis & Patrick Blatter eds. (University of Michigan Press, 2003). [CU]

    "Intellectual Property in the Courts: The Role of the Judge," in Expanding the Boundaries of Intellectual Property: Innovation Policy for the Knowledge Society, R. Dreyfuss, H. First & Diane L. Zimmerman eds. (Oxford University Press, 2001). [CU]

    "The Evolution of Antitrust Law in the United States.," in Trade Practices Act: A Twenty-Five Year Stocktake, Frances Hanks & Philip Williams eds. (Frederation Press, 2001). [CU]

    "The Role of the Judge in Competition Enforcement," in Robert Schuman Centre Annual on European Competition Law 1996, (Kluwer, 1997). [CU]

    "The WTO Agreement on Government Procurement: An Antitrust Perspective," in Law and Policy in Public Purchasing, B. Hoekman & Petros C. Mavroidis eds. (University of Michigan Press, 1997). [CU]

    "Who Should Regulate the Space Environment: The Laissez Faire, National, and Multinational Options," in Preservation of Near Earth Space for Future Generations, John A. Simpson ed. (Cambridge University Press, 1994). [CU]

    "User-Friendly Competition Law in the U.S.C.," in Procedure and Enforcement in EC and US Competition Law: Proceedings of the Leiden Seminar on User-Friendly Competition Law, A. McDonnell & J. Slot eds. (Sweet and Maxwell, 1993). [CU]

    "The Antitrust Law and International Joint Ventures," in Transnational Joint Ventures, Peter B. Fitzpatrick ed. (Business Laws Inc., 1989). [CU]

    "Counseling the Foreign Multinational on United States Antitrust Laws," in Antitrust Counseling and Litigation Techniques, Julian O. Von Kalinowski ed. (Matthew Bender, 1988). [CU]

    "Governmental Involvement and International Antitrust Enforcement," in United States and Common Market Antitrust Policies: Annual Proceedings of the Fordham Corporate Law Institute, 1987, (1987). [CU]

Other Publications

    "Judicious Advice for the Occasional Appellate Lawyer," CBA Record, April 1997.