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Diane P. Wood : Presentations

James Madison Lecturer, New York University Law School (Fall 2004).

Opening Remarks for the 80th Annual Meeting of the American Law Institute, "The Structure of Sovereignty," Chicago, Illinois (May 2003).

The Brave New World of Arbitration, John E. Sullivan Lecture, Capital University School of Law (November 2002).

What's in a Phrase? How Competing Standards for Merger Review Make a Difference, Keynote speaker at the Competition Law and Policy Institute of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand (August 2002).

Lectures to the South African Competition Authority, Pretoria, South Africa, on antitrust law, under auspices of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (June 2002).

Lectures to the French Ministry of Justice, the École Nationale de law Magistrature [academy for judicial training], and the Cour de Cassation [French Supreme Court], on the U.S. judicial system, at invitation of the U.S. embassy, Paris. All presentations given in French. (March 2002).

The Measure of a Lawyer's Ethical I.Q., Blankenbaker Lecture on Professional Responsibility, University of Montana Law School (September 1999).

Women Lawyers: Men in Skirts?, Myra Bradwell Lecturer, University of Illinois School of Law, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois (February 1999).

Traps and Springs for the Hapless Lawyer: Waiver in Contemporary Litigation, E. Harold Hallows Judicial Fellow, Marquette University School of Law (February 1998).

Distinguished Lecturer, New York University program (sponsored by the Ford Foundation). Lectures to Chinese judges in Shanghai and Wuhan, and at Peking University, Beijing, on the subject of appellate courts and appellate review (June 1997).

Generalist Judges in a Specialist World, Irving Goldberg Lecturer, Southern Methodist University Law School (February 1997).