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Diane P. Wood : Courses and Seminars

Judicial Federalism
LAWS 59903
In this seminar, we will explore the various doctrines that police the line between the role of the federal court system and the often-parallel role of the state courts (or occasionally tribal courts). Those doctrines include, for example, the limits on the subject-matter jurisdiction of the federal courts found in Article III; the Rooker-Feldman doctrine; common-law limitations on federal authority such as those for domestic relations and probate cases; the various abstention doctrines (Pullman, Burford, Younger, Colorado River); the Anti-Injunction Acts; notions of lis pendens that apply in both federal and state courts; and "complete" versus defense preemption. Each meeting will involve a discussion of one or more of these doctrines. Students will use Hart and Wechsler's "The Federal Courts and the Federal System" (7th ed. 2015), by Fallon, Manning, Meltzer & Shapiro, ISBN 978-1-60930-427-0. Students will write a paper (which can qualify for the substantial writing requirement) for credit in the seminar. Please note: On Monday, January 25, 2016, this class will meet from 6:10 to 8:10 p.m.
Winter 2016
Diane P. Wood