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David A. Weisbach : Courses and Seminars

Taxation of Corporations I
LAWS 75801
This course examines income tax aspects of the formations, distributions, and liquidations of corporations. The focus is on transactional and planning aspects of the corporate tax. Introductory Income Tax is recommended. The student's grade is based on class participation and a final examination.
Winter 2014
David A. Weisbach
Taxation of Corporations II
LAWS 75901
This course surveys the taxation of reorganizations and other adjustments involving continuing businesses: mergers, asset and stock acquisitions and other similar shifts of ownership and control; recapitalizations; and divisions. Points of focus are the recognition of gain and loss and the survival and allocation of tax attributes (basis, earnings, and loss carryovers) in these transactions. Prerequisites: Introductory Income Taxation and Taxation of Corporations I. Students' grades based on a final proctored examination.
Spring 2014
David A. Weisbach
The Federal Budget
LAWS 52801
The budget sets the size and scope of government. It affects everything the federal government does. The United States is currently facing a budgetary crisis that will involve hard choices about government spending and taxation. This seminar will examine the federal budget process. It will start by examining the basic facts about the U.S. fiscal situation and budget, how the budget is calculated, and the process by which it is set. The seminar will then turn to central topics within the budget, such as taxation, health care, social security, and discretionary spending. Finally, it will consider budget reform proposals. Students will be expected to write a paper on a topic related to the federal budget.
Autumn 2013
Anup Malani, David A. Weisbach