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Thomas Vega-Byrnes : Courses and Seminars

Construction Law
LAWS 44032
Construction contracts are among the more complex types of legal arrangements, involving multiple actors (governments/regulatory agencies, developers/owners, purchasers or off-takers, contractors, subcontractors, equipment suppliers, sureties, insurers and financing parties) and multiple areas of the law (contracts; torts; real and personal property; insurance; employment, safety and environmental rules; complex forms of dispute resolution). The course will provide an introduction to the legal aspects of the construction process, including the relationships between and the risk allocations among the members of the construction team, as well as the resolution of disputes which arise out of the design and construction of heavy industrial and commercial projects. As one example of heavy construction, we will study one or more models of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contracts for electric power generation plants, and look at the effects of project financing and the “bankability” requirements for such project contracts. Prerequisites: Contracts and Torts.
Autumn 2015
Thomas Vega-Byrnes