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Kevin Van Wart : Courses and Seminars

Trial Advocacy
LAWS 67603
This class will explore the trial lawyer's craft, with a focus on both the written submissions important in litigation and the courtroom skills required at various stages in the life of a case. The instruction will be by lectures, demonstrations, and participation in learning-by-doing exercises (including a mini-trial). Students will learn how to use motions, depositions, written discovery, expert witnesses, exhibits, and technology as effective litigation tools. Students who have taken LAWS 67503 Intensive Trial Practice Workshop or LAWS 91702 Trial Practice: Strategy and Advocacy may not take LAWS 67603 Trial Advocacy. While the instructors strongly recommend that students have a good understanding of the Federal Rules of Evidence before taking the seminar, this is not an absolute prerequisite. Final grades will be based on class participation, performance during courtroom exercises and the mini-trial, a fifteen-page trial brief, brief in support of a motion, or post-trial brief, and two shorter written pieces. Performance in the mock trial will count for 60% of the students' grade. Enrollment is limited to 24 students.
Winter 2014
Tom Dutton, Kevin Van Wart