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David A. Strauss : News

January 31, 2011
University of Chicago News Office
"Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor discusses career, legal values at Law School"
by Sara Olkon
January 31, 2011
New York Times
"Sotomayor Reflects On First Years on Court"
by Adam Liptak
January 26, 2011
University of Chicago News Office
"Justice Sonia Sotomayor to Visit the Law School"
August 30, 2010
Chicago Lawyer
"School believes in interdisciplinary education "
by Danielle Feinstein
July 12, 2010
History News Network
"After the Kagan Hearings, Back to an Activist Court?"
by David A. Strauss
June 26, 2010
The Washington Post
"Why Elena Kagan should drop the 'Kagan standard' at her hearings"
by John F. Manning and David A. Strauss
May 25, 2010
The Washington Post - Political Bookworm Blog
"Kagan and the great unknown"
by David Strauss
May 11, 2010
WBEZ (Chicago Public Radio)
"The Role of Constitutional Interpretation"
by Eight Forty-Eight
May 10, 2010
University of Chicago News Office
"Former Professor Elena Kagan Nominated to Supreme Court"
by Sarah Galer
May 19, 2009
The Atlantic
"Supreme Court Vacancy: Forget Vegas Oddsmakers and Go to Obama's Hood"
by James Warren