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Geoffrey R. Stone : News

March 16, 2016
Huffington Post
"Donald Trump, Protest, and the First Amendment"
by Geoffrey R. Stone
March 14, 2016
"Would President Trump Kill Freedom of the Press?"
by Isaac Chotiner
March 10, 2016
Huffington Post
"An Unprecedented Breach of Norms by Senate Republicans"
by Geoffrey R. Stone
March 9, 2016
"Do the Right Thing: Obstruction of Supreme Court Nominee Sets a Disastrous Precedent for the Future"
by Geoffrey R. Stone
March 4, 2016
Huffington Post
"Justice Scalia's Greatest Failure"
by Geoffrey R. Stone
February 24, 2016
Huffington Post
"The Supreme Court Vacancy and the Constitutional Responsibilities of the Senate"
by Geoffrey R. Stone
February 16, 2016
WGN Radio
"Geoffrey Stone on Antonin Scalia: “He wanted people to pay attention to his ideas.”"
by Steve Cochran
February 16, 2016
Chicago Magazine
"Chicago Colleagues Recall Scalia’s Poker Games and D.C. Ambitions"
by Carol Felsenthal
February 15, 2016
Chicago Tonight