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Alison Siegler : Publications

Books (Editor)

Defending a Federal Criminal Case: 2009 Edition. Federal Defenders of San Diego, 2009 (chapter editor, Discovery and Supervised Release and Probation Revocations).

Book Sections

"Appendix: Sample Cross Examination." In MacCarthy on Cross Examination, edited by Terence F. MacCarthy. American Bar Association, 2008.

Journal Articles

“Review of Co-Defendant Sentencing Disparities by the Seventh Circuit: Two Divergent Lines of Cases,” The Circuit Rider: The Journal of the Seventh Circuit Bar Association (May 2012).

"'Death Is Different' No Longer: Graham v. Florida and the Future of Eighth Amendment Challenges to Noncapital Sentences." 2010 Supreme Court Review (2011) (with Barry Sullivan).

"Disparities and Discretion in Fast-Track Sentencing." 21 Federal Sentencing Reporter 299 (2009).

"The Patriot Act's Erosion of Constitutional Rights." 32 Litigation 18 (2006).

"Ostriches Are Not Merely Careless Birds: Fighting the Willful Blindness Instruction at Trial." vol. 2, no. 9 Liberty Legend 6 (2004).

Journal Editor

Vol. 21, no. 1 of Federal Sentencing Reporter (2009) (guest editor).


"Written testimony, Revising the Illegal Reentry Guideline." Before the United States Sentencing Commission in Phoenix, Arizona, January 21, 2010.