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Paul Shadle : Courses and Seminars

Law and Practice of Zoning, Land Use, and Eminent Domain
LAWS 90602
This seminar is a multi-disciplinary, multi-partisan discussion of the balance between private property rights and governmental regulation in land development. We primarily address (i) constitutional bases of private rights and public land use planning; (ii) eminent domain, takings and exactions (including impact fees and delays); (iii) current manifestations of local and regional planning and zoning, including City of Chicago Zoning Reform; and (iv) legal procedures and practical strategies for obtaining public financial incentives, land use approvals, and "relief" for real estate development projects, large and small. Prior course work in real property and constitutional law are encouraged. Course materials include cases, academic and trade-group commentaries, press coverage, and narrative and graphic exhibits for specific development projects. The student's grade is based on attendance, spirited class participation, and a paper.
Autumn 2015
Thomas Geselbracht, Theodore Novak, Paul Shadle