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Neha Lall : Courses and Seminars

Gender-Based Violence
LAWS 53358
(BID, LEC, SEM, WP)Arrest and criminal prosecution is only one of many potential legal responses to gender-based violence. This course will focus on domestic and sexual violence and the ways in which survivors are affected by the complex intersection of poverty, legal systems, and social service responses. The course will explore the civil legal remedies available to survivors under federal and state laws, including the Violence Against Women Act, as well as the multiple ways survivors are impacted by family law systems and other laws that affect their economic and social stability. Specifically, students will study immigration remedies, housing protections, education complaint procedures, and employment rights available to survivors. Students will assess the effectiveness of these tools through case studies. The students will be evaluated based on class participation and will have the choice of a take-home final exam (for 2 credits) or, with instructor approval, a major final research paper (for 3 credits).
Autumn 2016
Neha Lall