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Donald Schiller : Courses and Seminars

Divorce Practice and Procedure
LAWS 93202
This class provides an exposure to the dynamic process of representing clients in a dissolution of marriage case. The class will familiarize you with the complexities that arise when the ever changing family unit is divided and the parties are dissolving their marriage. Topics are covered in the sequence of an evolving case from the perspective of a practicing lawyer and include determination of jurisdiction, interstate and international parental kidnapping, domestic violence, injunctions, temporary and permanent child custody, visitation (parenting rights), temporary and permanent maintenance (alimony), child support, liability for attorneys’ fees, property rights and the division of assets and liabilities, valuation of assets, premarital and postmarital agreements, ethical issues, federal tax law affecting divorce and enforceability of divorce related orders if there is a subsequent bankruptcy. We will also discuss same-sex marriage, civil unions and issues relating to LGBT relationships. Students will have the opportunity to discuss topics and present arguments not only to instructors, but sitting Illinois Domestic Relations Court Judges, who will participate in several classroom discussions. Forty percent of a student’s grade is based on class participation, and sixty percent on the legal memoranda to be prepared. Writing for this class may be used as partial fulfillment of the JD writing requirement (WP).
Autumn 2015
Donald Schiller, Erika N. Chen-Walsh