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Javier Rubinstein : Courses and Seminars

Managing Legal Risk in a Global Economy
LAWS 73913
In today's global economy, companies, investors and other economic actors are operating on a cross-border basis more than ever before. As a result, they are faced with the daunting prospect of managing legal, regulatory and other business risks in a multitude of countries across the globe. This seminar will introduce students to the intriguing challenges of managing cross-border legal, regulatory and other risks in today's global and increasingly complex and interconnected economy. The seminar will cover an array of substantive issues including, among other things, anti-corruption, regulation, economic sanctions, managing cross-border liability risks, tools for the effective resolution of cross-border litigation, including the use of bilateral investment treaties, and the management of political and country risks. The Seminar also will explore the various dimensions of the General Counsel role in today's multinational enterprises, as well as the important relationship between counsel (in-house and external) and company management in effectively managing risk on a global basis. The seminar will be taught on the basis of readings as well as case studies. The format of the seminar will depend heavily upon active student participation. Law students and business students are both encouraged to participate in the seminar. Students will be graded based upon the quality of their preparation for and active participation in the seminar, as well as the quality of a take home final exam, which involve the preparation of a research paper requiring students to analyze and address a specific fact pattern drawing on the various concepts and issues that will be discussed during the seminar. This seminar will satisfy part of the lesser of the school’s two writing requirements, if substantial research and written work is completed.
Spring 2016
Javier Rubinstein