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Gerald Rosenberg : Education and Experience


Yale University
PhD in political science, 1985

University of Michigan Law School
JD, 1983

Oxford University
BA/MA in politics and philosophy, 1979


The University of Chicago
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, 1992-present
Lecturer, 1990-present
Co-founder and Co-director, Law and Social Science Program, Law School, 2000-2002
Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Political Science, 1992-1995; 1999-2000
Visiting Associate Professor, fall 2006
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, 1985-1992

India University Bangalore, India
Visiting Professor, National Law School, September 2013-September 2014

Xiamen University Xiamen, Fujian, China
Fulbright Lecturer in Law, University of Chicago Law School, 2002-2003

Northwestern University Law School
Jack N. Pritzker Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law, January-May 2001

Yale University
Acting Instructor, spring 1983