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Eric Posner : Publications

Books (Author)

    The Twilight of Human Rights Law (Oxford University Press, 2014).

    Economic Foundations of International Law (Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2013) (edited with Alan O. Sykes). [CU]

    Contract Law and Theory (Aspen, 2011). [CU]

    The Executive Unbound: After the Madisonian Republic (Oxford University Press, 2011) (edited with Adrian Vermeule). [CU]

    Climate Change Justice (Princeton University Press, 2010) (edited with David A. Weisbach). [CU]

    The Perils of Global Legalism (University of Chicago Press, 2009). [CU]

    Terror in the Balance: Security, Liberty, and the Courts (Oxford University Press, 2007) (edited with Adrian Vermeule). [CU]

    New Foundations of Cost-Benefit Analysis (Harvard University Press, 2006) (edited with Matthew D. Adler). [CU]

    The Limits of International Law (Oxford University Press, 2005) (edited with Jack L. Goldsmith). [CU]

    Law and Social Norms (Harvard University Press, 2000). [CU]

Books (Editor)

    Law and Happiness (University of Chicago Press, 2010) (edited with Cass R. Sunstein). [CU]

    The Economics of Public International Law (Edward Elgar, 2010). [CU]

    Social Norms, Non-Legal Sanctions, and the Law (Edward Elgar, 2007).

    Cost-Benefit Analysis: Legal, Philosophical, and Economic Perspectives (University of Chicago Press, 2001) (edited with Matthew D. Adler). [CU]

    Chicago Lectures in Law and Economics (Foundation Press, 2000). [CU]

Journal Articles

    "Benefit-Cost Paradigms in Financial Regulation," __ Journal of Legal Studies __ (Forthcoming) (with E. Glen Weyl).

    "Voting Squared: Quadratic Voting in Democratic Politics," 68 Vanderbilt Law Review __ (2015) (Forthcoming) (with E. Glen Weyl). [SSRN]

    "Immigration Law and Institutional Design," 80 University of Chicago Law Review 1 (2013) (with Adam B. Cox, Richard A. Epstein). [CU]

    "How Well Do Measures Of Judicial Ability Predict Judicial Performance?: A Case Study Using Securities Class Actions," 33 International Review of Law and Economics 37 (2013) (with Stephen J. Choi & G. Mitu Gulati). [CU]

    "An FDA for Financial Innovation: Applying the Insurable Interest Doctrine to 21st Century Financial Markets," 107 Northwestern University Law Review 1307 (2013) (with E. Glen Weyl). [CU] [SSRN]

    "International Paretianism: A Defense," 13 Chicago Journal of International Law 347 (2013) (with David A. Weisbach). [CU]

    "Introduction," 80 University of Chicago Law Review 1 (2013). [CU]

    "The Dynamics of Contract Evolution," 88 New York University Law Review 1 (2013) (with Stephen J. Choi & G. Mitu Gulati). [CU]

    "The Law and Policy of Judicial Retirement: An Empirical Study," 42 Journal of Legal Studies 111 (2013) (with Stephen J. Choi & G. Mitu Gulati). [CU]

    "The Institutional Structure of Immigration Law," 80 University of Chicago Law Review 289 (2013). [CU]

    "The Questionable Basis of the Common European Sales Law: The Role of an Optional Instrument in Jurisdictional Competition," 50 Common Market Law Review 261 (2013). [CU] [WWW]

    "Inside or Outside the System?," 80 University of Chicago Law Review 1743 (2013) (with Adrian Vermeule). [CU]

    "Benefit-Cost Analysis for Financial Regulation," 103 American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings 393 (2013) (with E. Glen Weyl). [CU] [SSRN]

    "The Evolution of Contractual Terms in Sovereign Bonds," 4 Journal of Legal Analysis 131 (2012) (with Stephen J. Choi & G. Mitu Gulati). [CU] [WWW]

    "Aggregation and Law," 122 Yale Law Journal 2 (2012) (with Ariel Porat). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Deference to the Executive in the United States after September 11: Congress, the Courts, and the Office of Legal Counsel," 35 Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy 213 (2012). [CU]

    "Regulation, Unemployment, and Cost-Benefit Analysis," 98 Virginia Law Review 579 (2012) (with Jonathan Masur). [CU] [SSRN]

    "What Do Federal District Judges Want? An Analysis of Publications, Citations, and Reversals," 28 Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 518 (2012) (with Stephen J. Choi & G. Mitu Gulati). [CU] [WWW]

    "Some Skeptical Comments on Beth Simmons's Mobilizing for Human Rights," 44 New York University Journal of International Law and Politics 819 (2012). [CU]

    "Delegation in Immigration Law," 79 University of Chicago Law Review 1285 (2012) (with Adam B. Cox). [CU] [SSRN]

    "A Proposal for Limiting Speculation on Derivatives: An FDA for Financial Innovation," - American Economic Review __ (2012) (with E. Glen Weyl). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Book Review (reviewing Larry May, Global Justice and Due Process (2011))", 25 Ethics and International Affairs 481 (2011). [CU]

    "Pricing Terms in Sovereign Debt Contracts: A Greek Case Study With Implications for the European Crisis Resolution Mechanism," 6 Capital Markets Law Journal 163 (2011) (with Stephen J. Choi & G. Mitu Gulati). [CU]

    "The Flaws of Foreign Affairs Legalism," 51 Virginia Journal of International Law 507 (2011) (with Daniel Abebe). [CU]

    "The Right to Withdraw in Contract Law," 40 Journal of Legal Studies 115 (2011) (with Omri Ben-Shahar). [CU]

    "Universal Exceptionalism in International Law," 52 Harvard International Law Journal 3 (2011) (with Anu Bradford). [CU]

    "Climate Regulation and the Limits of Cost-Benefit Analysis," 99 California Law Review 1557 (2011) (with Jonathan Masur). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Judging Women," 8 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 504 (2011) (with Stephen J. Choi, G. Mitu Gulati & Mirya Holman). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Efficient Breach of International Law: Optimal Remedies, Legalized Noncompliance, and Related Issues," 110 Michigan Law Review 243 (2011) (with Alan O. Sykes). [CU]

    "Dockets of War," National Interest __ (2011). [CU] [WWW]

    "Professionals or Politicians?: The Uncertain Empirical Case for an Elected Judiciary," 26 Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 290 (2010) (with Stephen J. Choi & G. Mitu Gulati). [CU]

    "The Rights of Migrants: An Optimal Contract Framework," 31 Immigration and Nationality Law Review 215 (2010) (with Adam B. Cox) (originally published as 84 NYU L Rev 1403 2009). [CU]

    "The Limits of Constitutional Convergence," 11 Chicago Journal of International Law 399 (2010) (with Rosalind Dixon). [CU]

    "Subconstitutionalism," 62 Stanford Law Review 1583 (2010) (with Tom Ginsburg). [CU] [SSRN]

    "ProCD v. Zeidenberg and Cognitive Overload in Contractual Bargaining," 77 University of Chicago Law Review 1181 (2010). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Divide and Conquer," 2 Journal of Legal Analysis 417 (2010) (with Adrian Vermeule & Kathryn E. Spier). [CU]

    "Against Feasibility Analysis," 77 University of Chicago Law Review 657 (2010) (with Jonathan Masur). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Economic Foundations of the Law of the Sea," 104 American Journal of International Law 569 (2010) (with Alan O. Sykes). [CU]

    "Evaluating the Effects of International Law: Next Steps," 1 Global Policy 334 (2010). [CU] [WWW]

    "Erga Omnes Norms, Institutionalization, and Constitutionalism in International Law," 165 Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 5 (2009). [CU]

    "New Foundations of Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Reply to Professors Sinden, Kysar, and Driesen," 3 Regulation and Governance 72 (2009) (with Matthew D. Adler). [CU]

    "The Rights of Migrants: An Optimal Contract Framework," 84 New York University Law Review 1403 (2009) (with Adam B. Cox). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Crisis Governance in the Administrative State: 9/11 and the Financial Meltdown of 2008," 76 University of Chicago Law Review 1613 (2009) (with Adrian Vermeule). [CU]

    "A Loan Modification Approach to the Housing Crisis," 11 American Law and Economics Review 577 (2009) (with Luigi Zingales). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Are Judges Overpaid?: A Skeptical Response to the Judicial Salary Debate," 1 Journal of Legal Analysis 47 (2009) (with Stephen J. Choi & G. Mitu Gulati). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Should Greenhouse Gas Permits be Allocated on a Per Capita Basis?," 97 California Law Review 51 (2009) (with Cass R. Sunstein). [CU]

    "Fault in Contract Law," 107 Michigan Law Review 1431 (2009). [CU]

    "Judicial Evaluations and Information Forcing: Ranking State High Courts and Their Judges," 58 Duke Law Journal 1313 (2009) (with Stephen J. Choi & G. Mitu Gulati). [CU]

    "Policy by Reflex (reviewing Stephen Holmes, The Matador’s Cape: America’s Reckless Response to Terrorism (2007))", 70 Review of Politics 513 (2008). [CU]

    "Soft Law: Lessons from Congressional Practice," 61 Stanford Law Review 573 (2008) (with Jacob Gersen). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Human Welfare, Not Human Rights," 108 Columbia Law Review 1758 (2008). [CU]

    "Constitutional Showdowns," 156 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 991 (2008) (with Adrian Vermeule). [CU]

    "Does Political Bias in the Judiciary Matter?: Implications of Judicial Bias Studies for Legal and Constitutional Reform," 75 University of Chicago Law Review 853 (2008). [CU]

    "Boumediene and the Uncertain March of Judicial Cosmopolitanism," 2007-2008 Cato Supreme Court Review 23 (2008). [CU]

    "Introduction to the Conference on Law and Happiness," 37 Journal of Legal Studies S1 (2008) (with Cass R. Sunstein). [CU]

    "Climate Change Justice," 96 Georgetown Law Journal 1565 (2008) (with Cass R. Sunstein). [CU]

    "Happiness Research and Cost-Benefit Analysis," 37 Journal of Legal Studies S253 (2008) (with Matthew D. Adler). [CU]

    "Book Review (reviewing Jeremy A. Rabkin, Law Without Nations? Why Constitutional Government Requires Sovereign State (2005))", 4 Perspectives on Politics 432 (2007). [CU]

    "Book Review (reviewing Robert E. Scott and Paul B. Stephan, The Limits of Leviathan: Contract Theory and the Enforcement of International Law (2006))", 101 American Journal of International Law 509 (2007). [CU]

    "The International Protection of Cultural Property: Some Skeptical Observations," 8 Chicago Journal of International Law 213 (2007). [CU]

    "Agencies Should Ignore Distant-Future Generations," 74 University of Chicago Law Review 139 (2007). [CU]

    "The Case for For-Profit Charities," 93 Virginia Law Review 2017 (2007) (with Anup Malani). [CU]

    "The Second-Order Structure of Immigration Law," 59 Stanford Law Review 809 (2007) (with Adam B. Cox). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Timing Rules and Legal Institutions," 121 Harvard Law Review 543 (2007) (with Jacob Gersen). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Climate Change and International Human Rights Litigation: A Critical Appraisal," 155 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1925 (2007). [CU]

    "The Credible Executive," 74 University of Chicago Law Review 865 (2007) (with Adrian Vermeule). [CU]

    "On Learning from Others," 59 Stanford Law Review 1309 (2007) (with Cass R. Sunstein). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Critique of the Odious Debt Doctrine, The Odious Debts and State Corruption," 70 Law and Contemporary Problems 33 (2007) (with Albert H. Choi). [CU]

    "Originalism and Emergencies: A Reply to Lawson," 87 Boston University Law Review 313 (2007) (with Adrian Vermeule). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Economic Analysis of State and Individual Responsibility under International Law, An," 9 American Law and Economics Review 72 (2007) (with Alan O. Sykes). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Book Review (reviewing Tal Becker, Terrorism and the State: Rethinking the Rules of State Responsibility (2006))", 121 Political Science Quarterly 505 (2006). [CU]

    "The Law of Other States," 59 Stanford Law Review 131 (2006) (with Cass R. Sunstein). [CU]

    "Holding Internet Service Providers Accountable," 14 Supreme Court Economic Review 221 (2006) (with Douglas Gary Lichtman). [CU]

    "Signing Statements and Executive Power," 23 Constitutional Commentary 307 (2006) (with Curtis A. Bradley). [CU]

    "International Law and the Rise of China," 7 Chicago Journal of International Law 1 (2006) (with John C. Yoo). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Should Coercive Interrogation Be Legal?," 104 Michigan Law Review 671 (2006) (with Adrian Vermeule). [CU]

    "Emergencies and Democratic Failure," 92 Virginia Law Review 1091 (2006) (with Adrian Vermeule). [CU] [SSRN]

    "International Law: A Welfarist Approach," 73 University of Chicago Law Review 487 (2006). [CU]

    "Chevronizing Foreign Relations Law," 116 Yale Law Journal 1170 (2006) (with Cass R. Sunstein). [CU] [SSRN]

    "There Are No Penalty Default Rules in Contract Law," 33 Florida State University Law Review 563 (2006). [CU]

    Response, "The New International Law Scholarship", 34 Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law 463 (2006) (with Jack L. Goldsmith). [CU] [SSRN]

    "International Court of Justice: Voting and Usage Statistics," 99 American Society of International Law Proceedings 130 (2005).

    "Reply to Helfer and Slaughter," 93 California Law Review 957 (2005) (with John C. Yoo). [CU]

    "Judicial Independence in International Tribunals," 93 California Law Review 1 (2005) (with John C. Yoo). [CU]

    "Terrorism and the Laws of War," 5 Chicago Journal of International Law 423 (2005). [CU]

    "Political Trials in Domestic and International Law," 55 Duke Law Journal 75 (2005). [CU]

    "Dollars and Death," 72 University of Chicago Law Review 537 (2005) (with Cass R. Sunstein). [CU]

    "International Law and the Disaggregated State," 32 Florida State University Law Review 797 (2005). [CU]

    "Is the International Court of Justice Biased?," 34 Journal of Legal Studies 599 (2005) (with Miguel de Figueiredo). [CU]

    "Remarks on the Alien Tort Claims Act and Transitional Justice," 98 American Society of International Law Proceedings 56 (2004).

    "The Political Economy of Property Exemption Laws," 47 Journal of Law and Economics 19 (2004). [CU]

    "Transnational Legal Process and the Supreme Court's 2003-2004 Term: Some Skeptical Observations," 12 Tulsa Journal of Comparative and International Law 23 (2004). [CU]

    "Optimal War and Jus Ad Bellum," 93 Georgetown Law Journal 993 (2004) (with Alan O. Sykes). [CU]

    "Emergencies and Political Change: A Reply to Tushnet," 56 Stanford Law Review 1593 (2004) (with Adrian Vermeule). [CU]

    "Tobacco Regulation or Litigation? (reviewing W. Kip Viscusi, Smoke-Filled Rooms: A Postmortem on the Tobacco Deal (2002))", 70 University of Chicago Law Review 1141 (2003). [CU]

    "A Theory of the Laws of War," 70 University of Chicago Law Review 297 (2003). [CU]

    "Four Economic Perspectives on American Labor Law and the Problem of Social Conflict," 159 Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 101 (2003). [CU]

    "Economic Analysis of Contract Law after Three Decades: Success or Failure?," 112 Yale Law Journal 829 (2003). [CU]

    "Transfer Regulations and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis," 53 Duke Law Journal 1067 (2003). [CU]

    "Nondelegation: A Post-mortem," 70 University of Chicago Law Review 1331 (2003) (with Adrian Vermeule). [CU]

    "Transitional Justice as Ordinary Justice," 117 Harvard Law Review 762 (2003) (with Adrian Vermeule). [CU]

    "Accommodating Emergencies," 56 Stanford Law Review 605 (2003) (with Adrian Vermeule). [CU]

    "Do States Have a Moral Obligation to Obey International Law?," 55 Stanford Law Review 1901 (2003). [CU]

    "Probability Errors: Some Positive and Normative Implications for Tort and Contract Law," 11 Supreme Court Economic Review 125 (2003). [CU]

    "Reparations for Slavery and Other Historical Injustices," 103 Columbia Law Review 689 (2003) (with Adrian Vermeule). [CU]

    "International Agreements: A Rational Choice Approach," 44 Virginia Journal of International Law 113 (2003) (with Jack L. Goldsmith). [CU]

    "Book review (reviewing Robin Paul Malloy, Law and Market Economy (2000))", 18 Economics and Philosophy 183 (2002). [CU]

    "Book Review (reviewing Jody S. Kraus & Steven D. Walt, eds., The Jurisprudential Foundations of Corporate and Commercial Law (2000))", 112 Ethics 626 (2002). [CU]

    "The Law and Economics of Consumer Finance," 4 American Law and Economics Review 162 (2002) (with Richard M. Hynes). [CU] [SSRN]

    "The Signaling Model of Social Norms: Further Thoughts," 36 University of Richmond Law Review 465 (2002). [CU]

    "Interring the Nondelegation Doctrine," 69 University of Chicago Law Review 1721 (2002) (with Adrian Vermeule). [CU]

    "Fear and the Regulatory Model of Counterterrorism," 25 Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy 681 (2002). [CU]

    "Introduction - Rational Choice and International Law," 31 Journal of Legal Studies S1 (2002) (with Jack L. Goldsmith). [CU]

    "The Jurisprudence of Greed," 151 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1097 (2002). [CU]

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    "Moral and Legal Rhetoric in International Relations: A Rational Choice Perspective," 31 Journal of Legal Studies S115 (2002) (with Jack L. Goldsmith). [CU]

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    "Controlling Agencies with Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Positive Political Theory Perspective," 68 University of Chicago Law Review 1137 (2001). [CU]

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    "Further Thoughts on Customary International Law," 23 Michigan Journal of International Law 191 (2001) (with Jack L. Goldsmith). [CU]

    "Book Review (reviewing Peter Newman, ed., The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and the Law (1998))", 110 Economic Journal 824 (2000). [CU]

    "Law and Economics for the Masses (reviewing David Friedman, Law's Order : What Economics Has to Do with Law and Why It Matters (2000))", Jurist __ (2000). [CU]

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    "A Theory of Customary International Law," 66 University of Chicago Law Review 1113 (1999) (with Jack L. Goldsmith). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Arbitration and the Harmonization of International Commercial Law: A Defense of Mitsubishi," 39 Virginia Journal of International Law 647 (1999). [CU]

    "Shaming White-Collar Criminals: A Proposal for Reform of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines," 42 Journal of Law and Economics 365 (1999) (with Dan M. Kahan). [CU] [SSRN]

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    "Contract Law in the Welfare State: A Defense of the Unconscionability Doctrine, Usury Laws, and Related Limitations on the Freedom to Contract," 24 Journal of Legal Studies 283 (1995). [CU]

Book Sections

    "Social Norms and Economic Analysis of the Law," in Economic Analysis of Law: A European Perspective, Aristides N. Hatzis ed. (Edward Elgar, forthcoming). [CU]

    "Reply to Tanner," in Torture and the Forever War, Mark Danner ed. (University of Utah Press, forthcoming).

    "Climate Change Justice," in Conspiracy Theories & Other Dangerous Ideas, (Simon & Schuster, 2014) (with Cass R. Sunstein). [CU]

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Working Papers

    "An Empirical Study of Political Bias in Legal Scholarship," Coase-Sandor Institute for Law & Economics Working Paper, No. 696 (2014) (with Adam S. Chilton). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Foreign Affairs Legalism: A Critique," University of Chicago Public Law & Legal Theory Working Paper, No. 291 (2010) (with Daniel Abebe). [CU] [SSRN]

Other Publications

    "Statement to the Privacy & Civil Liberties Oversight Board,", March 15, 2014. [WWW]

    "In Defense of GM," Slate, April 11, 2014. [WWW]

    "What to Do About Crimea? Nothing.," Slate, March 28, 2014. [WWW]

    "Let Crimea Go," Slate, March 11, 2014. [WWW]

    "Why Are China and Japan Inching Toward War Over Five Tiny Islands?," Slate, February 26, 2014. [WWW]

    "Who Scores the Best Embassies?," Slate, February 19, 2014. [WWW]

    "The Paranoid Libertarian and His Enemy, the Angry Liberal," Slate, February 15, 2014. [WWW]

    "Let’s Make a Deal With Snowden," Slate, January 28, 2014. [WWW]

    "Make Journalists Testify," Slate, January 17, 2014. [WWW]

    "Forget the Framers," Slate, January 9, 2014. [WWW]

    "Executive Authority Is A Powerful Tool to Use With Caution," New York Times Room for Debate, January 30, 2014. [WWW]

    "Now That Boehner Has Backed Down, Let's Fix The Debt Ceiling For Good," New Republic, February 12, 2014. [WWW]

    "The Puzzle of Paying Amy," Slate, April 26, 2014. [WWW]

    "The U.S. Constitution Is Impossible to Amend," Slate, May 6, 2014. [WWW]

    "We All Have the Right to be Forgotten," Slate, May 15, 2014. [WWW]

    "China Can Sink All the Boats in the South China Sea," Slate, May 29, 2014. [WWW]

    "Rappers v. Scotus," Slate, June 13, 2014. [WWW]

    "Socialized Law Would Be a Massive, Unworkable Nightmare,", February 2014. [WWW]

    "The Presidency Comes With Executive Power. Deal With It,", February 2014. [WWW]

    "Sorry, America, the New World Order Is Dead," Foreign Policy, May 2014. [WWW]

    "Benefit-Cost Analysis for Financial Regulation," HLS Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation, February 5, 2013 (with E. Glen Weyl). [WWW]

    "Quadratic Vote Buying, Square Root Voting, and Coporate Governance," HLS Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation, June 7, 2013 (with E. Glen Weyl). [CU] [WWW]

    "Square Root Voting: A New Approach to Regulation of Chaebol, Keiretsu, and Other Conglomerate Organizations in Asia," The CLS Blue Sky Blog, July 25, 2013 (with E. Glen Weyl & Sang-Seung Yi). [WWW]

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    "The NSA’s Metadata Program Is Perfectly Constitutional," Slate, December 31, 2013. [WWW]

    "Stop Fussing Over Personhood," Slate, December 12, 2013. [WWW]

    "Centrists Should Mourn the Demise of the Filibuster," Slate, November 23, 2013. [WWW]

    "You Can Have Either Climate Justice or a Climate Treaty," Slate, November 20, 2013. [WWW]

    "Is the Constitution Written Like the Da Vinci Code?," Slate, November 1, 2013. [WWW]

    "Keep Spying on Foreigners, NSA," Slate, November 15, 2013. [WWW]

    "If He Has to, Obama Should Raise the Debt Ceiling Unilaterally," Slate, October 12, 2013. [WWW]

    "Assad and the Death of the International Criminal Court," Slate, September 20, 2013. [WWW]

    "Never Again," Slate, October 17, 2013. [WWW]

    "If He Has to, Obama Should Raise the Debt Ceiling Unilaterally," Slate, October 12, 2013. [WWW]

    "Obama Is Only Making His War Powers Mightier," Slate, September 4, 2013. [WWW]

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