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Eric Posner : News

September 3, 2013
"Obama Is Only Making His War Powers Mightier"
by Eric Posner
August 28, 2013
"The U.S. Has No Legal Basis to Intervene in Syria"
by Eric Posner
August 21, 2013
"Frisk Aversion"
by Eric Posner
July 29, 2013
Law School Office of Communications
by Meredith Heagney
July 24, 2013
The CLS Blue Sky Blog
"Square Root Voting: A New Approach to Regulation of Chaebol, Keiretsu, and Other Conglomerate Organizations in Asia"
by Eric Posner, E. Glen Weyl and Sang-Seung Yi
July 23, 2013
"The Best Rescue Plan for Detroit"
by Eric Posner
July 22, 2013
"Secrets and Scoops, Part 2"
by Emily Bazelon and Eric Posner
July 17, 2013
New York Times Dealbook
"How to Make Poison Pills Palatable"
by Eric Posner and Glen Weyl
June 26, 2013
"There was no clear constitutional reason to strike down DOMA, but the court did it anyway."
by Eric Posner
June 26, 2013
"Alito’s Indian adoption ruling is actually a backdoor assault on all racial preferences."
by Eric Posner