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Eric A. Posner : News

May 24, 2016
The New York Times
"Citizens Can't Sue Over Laws They Don't Like"
by Eric Posner
April 18, 2016
The New York Times Magazine
"What Should We Expect From the Supreme Court’s Showdown Over Immigration?"
by Emily Bazelon and Eric Posner
March 3, 2016
"Law of the Donald"
by Eric Posner
February 19, 2016
"Lawsuits Challenge Cruz’ Candidacy"
February 15, 2016
"The Tragedy of Antonin Scalia"
by Eric Posner
February 14, 2016
Law School Office of Communications
February 3, 2016
"Warren's Wrong: Bank Rules Need Cost-Benefit Test"
by Eric Posner
January 8, 2016
The Washington Post
"When It Comes to Climate Change, Payback Isn’t Enough"
by Eric Posner
January 7, 2016
"How Can Banks Get Away With Charging Such High Fees?"
by Eric Posner
December 20, 2015
Washington Post
"Justices Tend to Agree with Presidents that Pick Them — but Stray Later"
by Robert Barnes