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Eric A. Posner : News

January 8, 2014
"Forget the Framers"
by Eric Posner
December 30, 2013
"The NSA’s Metadata Program Is Perfectly Constitutional"
by Eric Posner
December 19, 2013
"After China says no to Bitcoin, should we stop thinking of it as a currency?"
by Ben Johnson
December 11, 2013
"Stop Fussing Over Personhood"
by Eric Posner
December 10, 2013
"How to Make Sure the Volcker Rule Survives in Court"
by Eric A. Posner and E. Glen Weyl
December 3, 2013
The New Republic
"Bitcoin's Bandwagon Has Never Been More Crowded"
by Eric Posner
December 2, 2013
Law School Office of Communications
November 22, 2013
"Centrists Should Mourn the Demise of the Filibuster"
by Eric Posner
November 19, 2013
"You Can Have Either Climate Justice or a Climate Treaty"
by Eric Posner
November 14, 2013
"Keep Spying on Foreigners, NSA"
by Eric Posner