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Randal C. Picker : News

March 26, 2012
The Media Institute
"From Franklin to Bezos: The Amazon Kindle Library"
by Randal C. Picker
March 15, 2012
Law School Office of Communications
by Meredith Heagney
January 17, 2012
"Internet Censorship"
by Chicago Tonight
December 23, 2011
The Media Institute
"SOPA and Censorship Spillovers"
by Randal C. Picker
October 11, 2011
Chicago Tribune
"Law-Economics Pioneer U. of C. Looks to Push Envelope with New Institute"
by Ameet Sachdev
April 27, 2011
The Media Institute
"A Walk in a Chicago Park"
by Randal C. Picker
March 4, 2011
University of Chicago Law School
"Picker's Tech Policy Seminar Students File Comments with FTC on Draft Privacy Report"
December 22, 2010
The Media Institute
"It’s Really About the DMCA"
by Randal Picker
September 23, 2010
Harvard Business Review
"Gillette's Strange History with the Razor and Blade Strategy"
by Randy Picker
September 16, 2010
The Wall Street Journal
"Razors and Blades"
by Phil Izzo