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Elizabeth Kregor : News

September 8, 2011
A.V. Club Chicago
"Food Fighters: Institute For Justice and University of Chicago law students rally for street food vendors "
by Carol Hilker
August 23, 2011
Eight Forty-Eight
"Legislative Speed Bumps Keep Chicago Food Vendors in Park"
by Chicago Public Radio
April 4, 2011
"Do Aldermen Have Too Much Power over Small Businesses?"
by Ashley Gross and Tony Arnold
November 24, 2010
The Huffington Post
"Thanksgiving in Chicago, As American as Apple Pie... Without the Crust"
by Elizabeth Milnikel
October 26, 2010
Institute for Justice Press Release
"How to Create More Jobs in Chicago: New Study Shows Key Is to Remove Local Red Tape"
by -
October 14, 2010
"Small business regulation: The hurdles of doing business in Chicago"
by -
August 20, 2009
Chicago Business Today
"Entrepreneurs Under Siege"
August 10, 2009
"The city that works — against you?"
by Sandra A. Swanson
July 17, 2009
Chicago Tribune
"Chicago, city that works?"
by Elizabeth Milnikel
May 12, 2009
Eight Forty-Eight -- Chicago Public Radio WBEZ
"New Report Says Chicago Stifles New Business"
by Staff