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Richard H. McAdams : Publications

Books (Author)

    The Expressive Powers of Law: Theories and Limits (Harvard University Press, 2015). [CU] [WWW]

Books (Editor)

    Fatal Fictions: Crime and Investigation in Law and Literature. (Oxford University Press, 2016) (edited with Alison LaCroix & Martha Nussbaum ).

    Fairness in Law and Economics. (Edward Elgar, 2013) (edited with Lee Anne Fennell). [CU] [WWW]

Journal Articles

    Response, "Reply to Commentators", 42 Law and Social Inquiry 76 (2017). [CU]

    "The Distributive Deficit in Law and Economics," 100 Minnesota Law Review 1051 (2016) (with Lee Anne Fennell). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Litigating the Blue Wall of Silence: How to Challenge the Police Privilege to Delay Investigation," 2016 University of Chicago Legal Forum 213 (2016) (with Aziz Huq). [SSRN]

    "Punitive Police? Agency Costs, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Procedure," 45 Journal of Legal Studies 105 (2016) (with Dhammika Dharmapala & Nuno Garoupa ). [CU] [WWW]

    "Close Enough for Government Work? Heien's Less-than-Reasonable Mistake of the Rule of Law," 2015 Supreme Court Review 147 (2016). [CU]

    "Riley’s Less Obvious Tradeoffs: Forgoing Scope-Limited Searches," 48 Texas Tech Law Review 97 (2015). [CU]

    "Book Review (reviewing Miranda Wilson, Poison's Dark Works in Renaissance England (Lewisburg, Pa: Bucknell Univ. Press, 2014))," 113 Modern Philology E23 (2015). [CU] [WWW]

    "The Law of Police," 82 University of Chicago Law Review 135 (2015) (with Dhammika Dharmapala & Nuno Garoupa). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Libertarian Paternalism, Path Dependence, and Temporary Law," 81 University of Chicago Law Review 291 (2014) (with Tom Ginsburg & Jonathan Masur ). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Present Bias and Criminal Law," 2011 University of Illinois Law Review 1607 (2011). [CU]

    "Economic Costs of Inequality," 2010 University of Chicago Legal Forum 23 (2010). [CU]

    "Private Enforcers of International Law and Norms," 165 Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 58 (2009). [CU]

    "Belief in a Just World, Blaming the Victim, and Hate Crime Statutes," 5 Review of Law and Economics 311 (2009) (with Dhammika Dharmapala & Nuno Garoupa). [CU]

    "Beyond the Prisoners' Dilemma: Coordination, Game Theory, and Law," 82 Southern California Law Review 209 (2009). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Richard Epstein and Discrimination Law," 44 Tulsa Law Review 839 (2009). [CU]

    "Coordinating in the Shadow of the Law: Two Contextualized Tests of the Focal Point Theory of Legal Compliance," 42 Law and Society Review 865 (2008) (with Janice Nadler). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Hate Crime: A Behavioral Economic Analysis," 90 Kritische Vierteljahresschrift für Gesetzgebung und Rechtswissenschaft 118 (2007) (with Dhammika Dharmapala & Nuno Garoupa). [CU]

    "Reforming Entrapment Doctrine in United States v. Hollingsworth," 74 University of Chicago Law Review 1795 (2007). [CU] [SSRN]

    Comment, "Guilt and Crime: Commentary on Ana Zablah, In America as in Omelas," 2 Carceral Notebooks 153 (2006). [CU]

    "Book Review (reviewing Cass R. Sunstein, Why Societies Need Dissent (2003))," 43 Journal of Economic Literature 173 (2005). [CU]

    "Conformity to Inegalitarian Conventions and Norms: The Contribution of Coordination and Esteem," 88 Monist 238 (2005). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Roundtable Discussion: Must We Choose Between Rationality and Irrationality?," 80 Chicago-Kent Law Review 1257 (2005). [CU]

    "The Political Economy of Entrapment," 96 Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology 107 (2005). [CU] [SSRN]

    "The Expressive Power of Adjudication," 2005 University of Illinois Law Review 1043 (2005). [CU]

    "Words That Kill - An Economic Model of the Influence of Speech on Behavior (with Particular Reference to Hate Speech)," 34 Journal of Legal Studies 93 (2005) (with Dhammika Dharmapala). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Testing the Focal Point Theory of Legal Compliance: The Effect of Third-Party Expression in an Experimental Hawk/Dove Game," 2 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 87 (2005) (with Janice Nadler). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Adjudicating in Anarchy: An Expressive Theory of International Dispute Resolution," 45 William and Mary Law Review 1229 (2004) (with Tom Ginsburg). [CU]

    "Cultural Contingency and Economic Function: Bridge-Building from the Law & Economics Side," 38 Law and Society Review 221 (2004). [CU]

    "The Condorcet Jury Theorem and the Expressive Function of Law: A Theory of Informative Law," 5 American Law and Economics Review 1 (2003) (with Dhammika Dharmapala). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Introduction to Symposium: Empirical and Experimental Methods in Law," 2002 University of Illinois Law Review 791 (2002) (with Thomas S. Ulen). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Tribute to Gary T. Schwartz," 2002 University of Illinois Law Review 789 (2002) (with Thomas S. Ulen). [CU]

    "Signaling Discount Rates: Law, Norms, and Economic Methodology (reviewing Eric A. Posner, Law and Social Norms (2000))," 110 Yale Law Journal 625 (2001). [CU] [SSRN]

    "An Attitudinal Theory of Expressive Law," 79 Oregon Law Review 339 (2000). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Focal Point Theory of Expressive Law," 86 Virginia Law Review 1649 (2000). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Symposium on Race and Criminal Law: Introduction," 73 Chicago-Kent Law Review 467 (1998). [CU]

    "Modeling Morality: What Are the Limits to Self-Directed Preference Change?," 78 Boston University Law Review 947 (1998). [CU]

    "Race and Selective Prosecution: Discovering the Pitfalls of Armstrong," 73 Chicago-Kent Law Review 605 (1998). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Comment: Accounting for Norms," 1997 Wisconsin Law Review 625 (1997). [CU]

    "The Surprisingly Complex Case Against Theft," 17 International Review of Law and Economics 367 (1997) (with R. Hasen). [CU] [SSRN]

    "The Origin, Development, and Regulation of Norms," 96 Michigan Law Review 338 (1997). [CU]

    "Group Norms, Gossip, and Blackmail," 144 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 2237 (1996). [CU]

    "Cooperation and Conflict: The Economics of Group Status Production and Race Discrimination," 108 Harvard Law Review 1003 (1995). [CU]

    "Epstein on His Own Grounds," 31 San Diego Law Review 241 (1994). [CU]

    "Relative Preferences," 102 Yale Law Journal 1 (1992). [CU]

    "A View from the Box: The Law Professor as Juror," 68 Chicago-Kent Law Review 393 (1992). [CU]

    "Tying Privacy in Knotts: Beeper Monitoring and Collective Fourth Amendment Rights," 71 Virginia Law Review 297 (1985). [CU]

Book Sections

    "Cold-Blooded and High Minded Murder: The 'Case' of Othello," in Fatal Fictions: Crime and Investigation in Law and Literature, Alison LaCroix, Richard H. McAdams & Martha Nussbaum eds. (Oxford University Press, 2016) (with Richard Strier).

    "Conventions and Norms: Philosophical Aspects," in International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences (Elsevier, 2015). [CU]

    "Do Exclusionary Rules Convict the Innocent?," in Research Handbook on Economic Models of Law, Matthew Baker & Thomas Miceli eds. (Edward Elgar, 2014) (with Dhammika Dharmapala & Nuno Garoupa). [CU]

    "Empathy and Masculinity in Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird," in American Guy: Masculinity in American Law and Literature, Martha Nussbaum & Saul Levmore eds. (Oxford University Press, 2014). [CU]

    "Vengeance, Complicity, and Criminal Law in Othello," in Shakespeare and the Law: A Conversation Among Disciplines and Professions, Bradin Cormack, Martha Nussbaum & Richard Strier eds. (University of Chicago Press, 2013). [CU]

    "Introduction," in Fairness in Law and Economics, Lee Anne Fennell & Richard H. McAdams eds. (Edward Elgar, 2013) (with Lee Anne Fennell). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Bill Stuntz and the Principal-Agent Problem in Criminal Law," in The Political Heart of Criminal Procedure: Essays on Themes of William J. Stuntz, Michael Klarman, David Skeel & Carol Steiker eds. (Oxford University Press, 2012). [CU]

    "The Focal Point Theory Of Expressive Law," in Encyclopedia Of Law And Economics., Francesco Parisi ed. 2012). [CU]

    "The Expressive Power of Adjudication in an Evolutionary Context," in Law, Economics, and Evolutionary Theory, Peer Zumbansen & Gralf-Peter Calliess eds. (Edward Elgar, 2011). [CU]

    "Resentment, Excuse, and Norms," in The Hart-Fuller Debate in the Twenty-First Century, Peter Cane ed. (Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2010). [CU]

    "Behavioral Criminal Law and Economics," in Criminal Law and Economics, Nuno Garoupa ed. (Edward Elgar, 2009) (with Thomas S. Ulen). [CU]

    "The Political Economy of Criminal Law and Procedure: The Pessimists' View," in Criminal Law Conversations, Kimberly Kessler Ferzan, Stephen Garvey & Paul H. Robinson eds. (Oxford University Press, 2009). [CU]

    "For General Deterrence (Comment on Chapter 5, Paul H. Robinson, 'The Difficulties of Deterrence as a Distributive Principle')," in Criminal Law Conversations, Kimberly Kessler Ferzan, Stephen Garvey & Paul H. Robinson eds. (Oxford University Press, 2009) (with Jonathan Masur & Thomas J. Miles). [CU]

    "Jury Nullification Checks Prosecutorial Power," in Criminal Law Conversations, Paul H. Robinson, Kimberly Kessler Ferzan & Stephen Garvey eds. (Oxford University Press, 2009). [CU]

    "Social Control and Crime.," in New Oxford Companion to Law, Peter Cane & Joanne Conaghan eds. (Oxford University Press, 2008). [CU]

    "Constructing Focal Points through Legal Expression: An Experimental Test," in Experimental Studies in Criminology and Law: A Research Revolution, Christine Horne & Michael J. Lovaglia eds. (Rowman and Littlefield, 2007) (with Janice Nadler). [CU]

    "Norms and the Law," in The Handbook of Law and Economics, A. Mitchell Polinsky & Steven M. Shavell eds. (Elsevier Science, 2007) (with Eric B. Rasmusen). [CU]

    "Conventions and Norms: Philosophical Aspects," in 4 International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences., Neil J. Smelser & Paul B. Baltes eds. 2001). [CU]

    "Experimental Law and Economics," in 1 Encyclopedia of Law and Economics., Boudewijn Bouckaert & Gerrit De Geest eds. 2000). [CU]

Working Papers

    "Riley's Less Obvious Tradeoff: Forgoing Scope-Limited Searches," University of Chicago Public Law & Legal Theory Paper Series, No. 537 (2015). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Cold-Blooded and High-Minded Murder: The 'Case' of Othello," Crime in Law and Literature Conference Papers(2014) (with Richard Strier).

Other Publications

    "Past Perfect (reviewing Harper Lee, Go Set a Watchman (Harper Collins, 2015))," The New Rambler, August 24, 2015. [WWW]

    "Book Review (reviewing Brandon L. Garrett, Too Big to Jail: How Prosecutors Compromise with Corporations (2014))," The New Rambler, June 24, 2015. [WWW]

    "What Did Atticus Finch Think of the Civil Rights Movement?," Huffington Post, February 10, 2015. [WWW]