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Richard H. McAdams : Presentations

LSA meeting, New Orleans, Author-Meets-Reader Panel on Richard H. McAdams, The Expressive Powers of Law: Theories and Limits (Harvard Press 2015) (June 2016)

World Bank Symposium, The Role of Law in Governance, DC, “A Focal Point Theory of Law” (Apr 2016)

MPSA mtg, Chicago, panel on Rational and Super-Rational Motives: Meaning, Commitment, and Incentives, “A Focal Point Theory of Law” (April 2016)

Conference on Money in Law & Literature, U. Chicago, Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, Economics, and Luck (Feb 2016)

AALS mtg section on Violence Against Women, panel on Anticipatory Self-Defense, NYC, Kidnapping, Imminence, and Self-Defense (Jan 2016)

Legal Forum Conference on Policing the Police, U. Chicago, Litigating the Blue Wall of Silence (Nov 2015)

Law & Econ. Workshop, BU, The Distributive Deficit in Law & Economics (Nov 2015)

Ohio Judicial Conference, Columbus, Vengeance, Complicity, and Criminal Law in Othello (Sept 2015)

ALEA meeting, Columbia U., The Distributive Deficit in Law & Economics (May 2015)

Conference on The Fourth Amendment in the 21st Century, Texas Tech., Riley’s Less Obvious Tradeoffs (Apr 2015)

Franke Institute for the Humanities, U. Chicago, Cold-Blooded and High-Minded Murder: The “Case” of Othello (Feb 2015)

Faculty Workshop, UC-Irvine, The Distributive Deficit in Law & Economics (Nov 2014)

Midwest Law & Econ. Ass’n meeting, IU – Indianapolis, The Distributive Deficit in Law and Economics (Oct 2014)

Faculty Workshop, Cornell U., Welfarist Distributive Goals & Political Action Costs (Sept 2014)

Conference on the Law and Social Order, Emory, The Expressive Powers of Law (Sept 2014)

Symposium on Criminal Procedure in the Spotlight: Theoretical, Constitutional, and Administrative Developments, The Law of Police (May 2014)

"The Expressive Powers of Law," Coase Lecture at University of Chicago Law School, April 2014; Law & Politics Colloquium at Washington University-St. Louis, April 2011; Joint Faculty workshop for UNC & Duke University Law School, March 2009; Faculty Workshop at Washington University-St. Louis School of Law, March 2009; Law & Economics Lecture at ETH Zurich and University of St. Gallen, April 2008

"Libertarian Paternalism, Multiple Equilibria, and Temporary Law," Midwest Law & Economics Associationn Meeting, October 2013; Faculty Workshop at Iowa University Law School, October 2013 (written with T. Ginsburg & J. Masur)

"Expressive Theories of Criminal Law," Hoffinger Criminal Justice Colloquium at NYU, April 2013

"Empathy and Manhood in To Kill a Mockingbird," Law & Literature Seminar at Georgetown University, February 2013; Faculty Workshop at Tulane University, March 2012; Conference on Manhood in American Law & Literature at University of Chicago, February 2012

"Multiple Equilibria and Temporary Law," Southern Economics Association annual meeting, November 2012

"The Focal Point Theory of Legal Compliance," Faculty Workshop at Arizona State University, February 2012

"Custom and the Focal Point Theory," Faculty Workshop at Duke Law School, January 2012

"Vengeance, Complicity & Criminal Law in Othello," LSA meeting, June 2011; Faculty Workshop at Emory Law, April 2011; Faculty workshop at Brooklyn Law School, October 2009

"Punitive Police? Agency Costs, Law Enforcement & Criminal Procedure," ALEA meeting, May 2011; Criminal Justice Roundtable at Yale University, April 2011; Law & Economics Seminar at Stanford University, February 2011

"The Economics of Law’s Expression," Spanish Association of Law & Economics, June 2010 (keynote)

"Bill Stuntz and the Principal-Agent Problem in Criminal Law ," LSA Meeting, May 2010; Conference on Bill Stuntz at Harvard Law School, March 2010

"Criminal Responsibility in Shakespeare: Did Iago Murder Desdemona?," Conference on Shakespeare and the Law at University of Chicago Law School, May 2009

"The Legal Regulation of Discrimination," Conference on Richard A. Epstein at Tulsa Law School, March 2009

"Co-Evolution of Law & Custom," Conference on Evolution, Complexity, and Law at Santa Fe Institute, March 2009

"Exclusionary Rules Convict the Innocent," ALEA Meeting, May 2008 (with Dharmapala and Garoupa).

"'Vicious Circles' of Discrimination, the Just World Belief, and Hate Crime Statutes," Law & Economics Workshop at ETH Zurich and University of St. Gallen, April 2008

"Beyond the Prisoners' Dilemma: Coordination, Equity & Law," Law & Economics Workshop at Boston University, November 2007; Conference on Behavioral Approaches to Legal Compliance at Bar-Ilan and Hebrew Universities, May 2007 

"Inegalitarian and Illiberal Conventions and Norms," Conference on Law, Moral, and Social Norms at National University of Colombia, October 2007

"An Expressive Theory of Adjudication," Conference on The Institutionalization of International Norms at Center for International and Comparative Studies at Northwestern University, October 2006 

"The Just World Bias and Hate Crime Statutes," Law & Economics Workshop at University of Virginia, October 2006 

"Economics of Racial Profiling," Center for the Study of Race & Law at University of Virginia, October 2006 

"The Just World Bias and Hate Crime Statutes," Technische Universität Conference on Uncertainty, Risk and Regulation: The Behavioral Law and Economics Perspective, June 2006

"Economic Costs of Inequality," Georgetown University Conference on Economic & Social Inequality, March 2006)

"The Just World Bias and Hate Crime Statutes," Crime & Punishment workshop at University of Chicago, December 2005; ALEA Meeting, May 2005 (with N. Garoupa & D. Dharmapala)

"The Political Economy of Entrapment," Faculty workshop at University of Chicago, November 2005; Comparative Law & Economics Forum, September 2005

"The Expressive Power of Adjudication," International Society for New Institutional Economics Annual Meeting, September 2005; Faculty workshop at Boston University, March 2005; Faculty workshop at UCLA, February 2005; Faculty workshop at Case Western University, February 2005; Law & Economics workshop at Toronto, November 2004

"The Uneasy Case for Regulating Undercover Operations: Institutional and Economic Perspectives on the Entrapment Defense," Legal Theory workshop at Stanford University, April 2005; Faculty workshop at Loyola University-Los Angeles, April 2005; Yale Legal Theory Workshop, May 2002; Faculty Workshop at University of Texas, April 2002

"Evolution and the Brain," Roundtable Discussion at Chicago-Kent, November 2004 

"Game Theory Accounts of Inequality & Contingency," LSA Meeting, May 2004

"Testing the Focal Point Theory of Legal Compliance: Expressive Influence in an Experimental Hawk/Dove Game," LSA Meeting, May 2004; ALEA Meeting, May 2004 (with J. Nadler)

"Expressive Adjudication," Faculty Workshop at Yale University, April 2004; Faculty Workshop at Seton Hall, April 2004

"A Third Model of Legal Compliance: Testing for Expressive Effects in a Hawk/Dove Game," Center for Law, Economics & Organization at USC, March 2004; Faculty Workshop at University of Virginia, February 2004; Faculty Workshop at University of Connecticut, November 2003 (written with J. Nadler)

"Adjudicating in Anarchy: An Expressive Theory of International Dispute Resolution," ALEA Meeting, September 2003 (with T. Ginsburg).

"Coordination at the Core: An Expressive Theory of International Adjudication," Faculty/Graduate Student Workshop at University of Illinois, April 2003 (with T. Ginsburg).

"Conventions, Norms, & the Expressive Effect of Law," Law & Social Norms conference at Fordham University, April 2003 

Faculty Workshop, Florida State (Feb 2003), Expressive Law: Testing the Effects of Third-Party Recommendations on Behavior in Coordination Games; Faculty Workshop Northwestern University, November 2002(written with J. Nadler).

"Coordination at the Core: An Expressive Theory of International Adjudication," Faculty Workshop at Northwestern University, November 2002Midwest Law & Econonomics Association Meeting, October 2002 (with T. Ginsburg)

"Words that Kill: An Economic Perspective on Hate Speech and Hate Crimes," Law & Economics Seminar at Harvard University, October 2002; ALEA Meeting, May 2002 (with D. Dharmapala)

"Game Theory and Gap Studies," LSA Meeting, May 2002; Midwest Law & Economics Association Meeting, October 2001; Canadian Law & Economics Association Meeting, September 2001  

"The Legal Regulation of Conventions and Norms," Interdisciplinary workshop on The Origin and Effects of Social Norms at Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, April 2002  

"Entrapment: A Political and Economic Analysis," Faculty Workshop at Vanderbilt University, February 2002; University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, October 2001

"An Economic Theory of the Entrapment Defense," Faculty Workshop at Cornell University, October 2001 

"A Focal Point Theory of Expressive Law," ALEA Meeting, May 2001 

"Symbolic Conflict and the Informational Theory of Expressive Law," Conference on New and Critical Approaches to Law & Economics at University of Oregon, March 2000

"What is Expressive Law?," Olin Conference on The Legal Construction of Norms at University of Virginia, February 2000

"The Regulation of Norms: Implications of an Esteem Theory," Conference on Fame, Shame, & Institutional Design at Research School of Social Science of Australian National University, August 1999 

"An Economic Analysis of Entrapment," Economics workshop at Australian National University, June 1999: ALEA Meeting, May 1999; Faculty Workshop at Rutgers-Camden University, February 1999; Law and Economics Seminar at Harvard University, December 1998

"Incapacitation and Entrapment," Faculty workshop at Northwestern University, October 1998; Conference on Economics of Law Enforcement at Harvard University, October 1998

"Esteem Norms and Law," Conference on Norms & Incentives at Australian National University, July 1998 

"Regulating Norms with Law," LSA Meeting, June 1998 

"Law, Economics, & the Origin of Norms," Faculty workshop at University of Illinois, November 1996 

"Impulsiveness and the Legal Regulation of Advertising," LSA Meeting, July 1996

"Theft Can Be Efficient, But Theft Rules Are Efficient," ALEA Meeting, May 1996

"Blackmail, Gossip, & Group Norms," Pennsylvania Law Review Symposium on Law, Economics & Norms, February 1996; Faculty Workshop at University of Florida, November 1995; Faculty workshop at Northwestern University, October 1995

"Cooperation and Conflict: The Economics of Group Status Production and Race Discrimination," ALEA Meeting, May 1995; Law, Economics & Organization workshop at Yale University, April 1995; Faculty workshop at University of Virginia, October 1994; Faculty workshop at Indiana University, February 1994

"Race Discrimination as Status Competition," American Bar Foundation workshop, July 1993

"Relative Preferences and Race Discrimination," LSA Meeting, May 1993

"Legal Regulation of the Market for Status: The Case of Race Discrimination," Society for Advancement of Socio-Economics Meeting, March 1992