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Anup Malani : News

June 24, 2013
"The Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Ruling"
by Chicago Tonight
October 13, 2012
Modern Healthcare
"Outliers: Will research suffer after reform?"
September 7, 2012
Law School Office of Communications
by Meredith Heagney
July 16, 2012
Huffington Post
"After the Supreme Court Ruling: The Reckoning for Health Care Costs "
by Anup Malani
June 28, 2012
"Live Affordable Care Act updates from Eight Forty-Eight"
by Caroline O'Donovan and Kate Dries
June 27, 2012
"Preview of Supreme Court Health Care Ruling"
by Chicago Tonight
April 5, 2012
"Judicial Activism 2012"
by The Brian Lehrer Show
March 28, 2012
"Final Day of Supreme Court Health Care Hearing"
by Chicago Tonight
March 26, 2012
Chicago Tonight
"Health Care Reform"
October 22, 2011
Truth on the Market
"Chicago’s View on the Future of Law and Economics"
by Josh Wright