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Anup Malani : Additional Activities

Honors and Awards

Order of the Coif, 2000
Stepan Chemical Company Scholarship, 1999-2000
John M. Olin Fellowship in Law and Economics, 1998-2000
Bradley Foundation Fellowship, 1997-2000
Beale Prize (top grade, legal research), 1997
Distinction (top score), Econometrics Field Exam, University of Chicago, Department of Economics, 1996
University of Chicago Fellowship, 1995-2000
Metropolitan Life Insurance Scholar, 1988-1990

Affiliations and Service

Referee: American Economics Review, American Law and Economics Review, Annals of Internal Medicine, Economic Journal, Health Affairs, International Review of Law and Economics, Journal of the American Medical Association, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Legal Studies, Journal of Political Economy, National Tax Journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and RAND Journal of Economics.
Tenure Review: Harvard University, University of Michigan.

Grants and Research Projects

University of Chicago Booth School of Business ‐ Initiative on Global Markets, "Does Advertising Affect the Physiological Efficacy of Drugs?," 2010

University of Chicago Booth School of Business ‐ Initiative on Global Markets and University of Chicago Law School, "Conflicts of Interest in Medical Journal Publications," 2009

University of Chicago Program in Pharmaceutical Policy, "Estimating the Negative Resistance Externality from Antibiotic Use," 2007, $11,667, with Amitabh Chandra and Darius Lakdawalla

Pfizer Inc., Evidence‐based Medicine Group, "Measuring Heterogeneity in Treatment Effects," 2007‐2008, $35,000, with Barton Hamilton.

Bankard Fund, "Hidden Components of Executive Compensation: Supplemental Employee Retirement
Plans and Change‐in‐Control Payments," 2005, $25,000, with Rajesh Aggarwal.

Principal Investigator on medical trial about the effect of DTC advertising on the efficacy of Claritin,
conducted at the Nasal Physiology Lab, University of Chicago Hospital, 2008.

Principal Investigator on experiment concerning on subjects' control over own expectations in the
context of a trial of the effect of glucose beverage on cognitive performance.

Principal Investigator on medical trial of the effect of caffeine on blood pressure and pulse, conducted at the General Clinical Research Center, University of Virginia, HIC #11701.

Media Citations/Appearances

Chicago Tonight (TV program), WTTW-Chicago, discussion of Fischer Supreme Court case with Phil Ponce, June 24, 2013.

On the litigation over the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandates and Medicaid provisions:
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Chicago Tonight (TV program), WTTW-Chicago, discussion of the forthcoming decision, June 27, 2012.
Chicago Tonight (TV program), WTTW-Chicago, discussion of the second and third days of arguments, Mar. 28, 2012.
The Brian Lehrer Show (radio program), WNYC-New York, discussion of President Obama’s comments on the Supreme Court deliberations and Judge Jerry Smith’s reaction, Mar 27, 2012.
Afternoon Shift with Steve Edwards (radio program), WBEZ-Chicago, discussion of the oral argument, Mar 27, 2012.
Chicago Tonight (TV program), WTTW-Chicago, discussion of the first day of arguments, Mar. 26, 2012.

Coverage of Can Medical Progress be Sustained?:
Outliers: Will research suffer after reform?, Modern Healthcare, Oct. 13, 2012, available at

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