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Jens Ludwig : Presentations


Policy Presentations, Testimony, and Public Service

Presentation on “Underground gun markets,” Center for Evidence Based Crime Policy (George Mason University) Capitol Hill Briefing, February 22, 2012, Washington, DC.

Presentation on “Neighborhood effects on health,” National Institute of Aging, 115th meeting of the National Advisory Council on Aging, Bethesda, MD. January 25, 2012.

Presentation on “Human services and health,” U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, DC, January 24, 2012.

Presentation on “Housing and health,” at HUD / Macarthur Conference: How Housing Matters, Washington, DC, November 2, 2011.

Presentation on “Youth violence in Chicago,” First Unitarian / Universalist Society, Chicago, October 9, 2011.

Presentation on “Reforming Early Education,” The Brookings Institution, August 22, 2011.

Presentation on “Gun policy in a post-2ndAmendment world,” Northwestern University Institute for Policy Research Forum on 21st Century Justice. Evanston, IL, March 28, 2011.

Presentation on “Benefit-cost analysis for crime policy,” Research in the Real World, National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, DC, February 24, 2011.

Presentation on “Pragmatic Approaches to Gun Violence,” West Side Democratic Club, New York City, February 17, 2011.

Presentation on “Municipal Strategies to Reduce Youth Gun Violence,” Vera Institute of Justice, Neil A. Weiner Research Speaker Series, February 17, 2011.

Steering Committee, MDRC / Robin Hood Foundation Early Childhood Institute, 2011.

Presentation on “Reducing gun violence through enforcement,” Sixth Annual H.F. Guggenheim Conference on Crime in America, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York City, February 1, 2011.

Presentation on “Context for the National Head Start Impact Study,” to the Secretary’s Advisory Commission on Head Start, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, DC, January 25, 2011.

Presentation on “Youth gun violence in Chicago,” Chicago Tribune Community Conversation, Seeking Safe Passage: Solutions. April 25, 2010.

Presentation on “Youth Gun Violence in Chicago,” Sigma Pi Phi, Beta Boule, Chicago, IL, March 24.

Presentation on “Success by Ten” policy proposal, The Brookings Institution Hamilton Project, National Press Club, March 29, 2007.

Presentation on “Does Head Start Improve the Life Chances of Poor Children?” Administration on Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, March 15, 2007.

Presentation on the U.S. Department of Justice COPS Program, Senate Staff Briefing on Rising Crime Rates in the United States, Sponsored by Senator Joseph Biden, March 14, 2007.

Presentation on “Increasing children’s economic opportunities by changing family circumstances,” to the Annie E. Casey Foundation 2006 Kids Count Conference, Baltimore, MD.

Great Lakes Region Law Enforcement Advisory Group, International Association of Chiefs of Police  (2006).

Testimony, Hearing on the Costs of Crime, U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, September 19, 2006.

Presenter, "Enforcing America's Gun Laws: Rhetoric or Reality?", Annual Meetings of the American Bar Association, August 8, 2004, Atlanta, GA.

Presentation to Gun Policy Workshop Organized by Prince George's County State's Attorney Glenn Ivey, University of Maryland, May 27, 2004.

Testimony, Hearing on Project Safe Neighborhoods, U. S. Senate Judiciary Committee, May 13, 2003.

Policy Briefing, "Neighborhood Effects on Poor Families," Northwestern University / University of Chicago Joint Center for Poverty Research, May 2, 2002.

Presentation on Moving to Opportunity, Brookings Urban Center / Center on Budget Policy and Priorities Conference on Housing Policy and Welfare Reform, April 12, 2002.

Guest, Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) Audio Conference "Housing: What Do Suburbs or PHA's Spell for Low Income Kids and Parents?" October 19, 2001.

Briefing to Congressional Staff on "Gun Violence: The Real Costs," Longworth House Office Building, Washington, DC, November 13, 2000.

Discussion of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, "The O'Reilly Factor," Fox News Channel, August 31, 2000.

Presentation of "Housing Policy and the Moving to Opportunity Demonstration," House Ways and Means Luncheon, Washington, DC, July 28, 2000.

Guest, "Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg," taped on May 30, 2000.

Interview about defensive gun use, NBC News, Broadcast on April 12, 2000.

Interview about gun ownership in the U.S., CBS News, Broadcast on April 20, 2000.

Presenter, Northwestern University / University of Chicago Joint Center for Policy Research Congressional Briefing on Juvenile Crime (sponsored by Senators Joseph Biden and Arlen Specter), U.S. Capitol Building, Washington, DC, January 19, 2000.

Briefing of Maryland Attorney General Joe Curran on the effects of permissive concealed-gun-carrying laws, Washington, DC, December 14, 1999.

Presentation on "Defensive Gun Use and The Effects of Concealed-Carry Laws," Sixth Annual Citizens' Conference to Stop Gun Violence, Arlington, Virginia, October 29, 1999.

Guest, Talk of the Nation, National Public Radio, June 16, 1999.

Interview about costs of gun violence in the U.S., CBS News, CNN, August 3, 1999.

Guest, Tri-State Media News (Delaware), August 4, 1999.

Presentation on "Law Enforcement Strategies to Reduce Gun Violence," American Bar Association Program Gun Violence Liability: Taking Aim at the Gun Industry Are Guns the Next Tobacco? Washington, DC, June 4-5, 1999. (Broadcast live on C-Span).

Interview with Washington, DC's NBC affiliate for two-part story on race differences in educational attainment, scheduled for broadcast March 1-2, 1999.

Expert testimony to joint session of the Minnesota State Senate and House over legislation for permissive concealed-handgun-carrying, Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN, February 19, 1999.

Poverty Research Project Information Session, "Gun Carrying, Gun Laws, and Crime," Northwestern University / University of Chicago Joint Center for Poverty Research, University of Chicago Downtown Center, July 10, 1998.

Expert testimony in debate over legislation for permissive concealed-handgun-carrying legislation in Kansas. Koch Crime Commission, Topeka, Kansas, January 28, 1998. (Debate received media coverage, including an Associated Press story).

Expert testimony in debate over legislation on concealed-handgun-carrying (A.B. 1369), Committee on Public Safety, Assembly of the California Legislature, January 13, 1998.

Presentation of "Concealed-Carry Laws: So What Is the Evidence?" Fourth Annual Citizens' Conference to Stop Gun Violence, September 12-13, Washington, DC.

Submission of Affidavit to Court of Appeal of Province of Alberta, Canada, April 18, 1997 in support of the Canadian Firearms Act (S.C. 1995, Chapter 39) at the request of Coalition for Gun Control, Toronto, Canada.

Program Director, Faculty Advisor, Mentor. Georgetown Volunteers for Education (GIVE). A mentoring and tutoring organization matching Georgetown University graduate students with junior high school students from R.H. Terrell Junior High School, with the objective of increasing academic achievement and school persistence for Washington adolescents. 1994-6.