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Saul Levmore : Works in Progress

Snitching, Whistleblowing, and Barn Burning: Loyalty in Law, Literature, and Manly Endeavors (June 2012 draft available).

Internality Regulation Through Public Choice, Forthcoming in Theoretical Inquiries in Law  (April 2013 draft available).

From Helmets to Inheritance Taxes: Regulatory Intensity, Information Revelation, and Internalities (paper for May 2013 conference on information revelation).

Private Prizes and Intellectual Property Law.

Precedent and Convergence.

Intermediation and Intervention.

Threats and Promises (with Ariel Porat).

A Semi-Private Solution to Patent Thickets.

The Rational Voter and Climate Change.

Incrementalism and the Liberal-Libertarian Conflict.

Delegating Sticks

Boycotts, Contracts, and Taxes.