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Saul Levmore : Additional Activities

Elected Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Editorial Board, Foundation Press (1998-present).

Lecturer, Floating University (2011).

Trustee, Law School Admission Council (2009-2011).

President, American Law Deans Association (two-year term, 2005-06).

Trustee, Skadden Foundation (2005-2008).

Consultant on problems of business organization, corporate governance and ethics, and economic develop­ment.

Author of "Superstrategies for Puzzles and Games" (Doubleday, 1981; Random House, 2003).

Lecturer (part-time) in Economics, Yale University, 1976-80; (Residential College) Dean, Jonathan  Edwards College (1979-80).                                 


Graduating Students Award for Teaching Excellence,

University of Chicago Law School, 2012.

Order of the Coif Distinguished Visitor Lecture, Wayne State University, February 2012, “Why Does Law Converge More Than Food and Music?”

Distinguished Visitor Lecture, Loyola Law School (Los Angeles), March 2011, “Intellectual Property in the Idea Economy.”

Distinguished Visitor, University of Tennessee, Coif Lecture, February 2011, “Precedent and Convergence.”

Graduating Students Class Award, University of Chicago Law School, 2009, 2011.

Sumner Canary Lecture, Case Western Reserve School of Law, April 2007, “Parental Leave and Other Embarrassments.”

Terrell Centennial Lecture, University of Texas School of Law, October 2006, “A Theory of Deception and the Common Law Process.”

Cleveland-Marshall Fund Lecture, Cleveland-Marshall Law School, September 2005, “Fat Taxes – and Their Opposite.”

Mason Ladd Lecture, Florida State University, February 2003, “Citizen Warranties (When Governments and Laws Appeal to Mere Majorities).”

John M. Olin Public Lecture, Canadian Law and Economics Association, September 2002, “Property’s Uneasy Past (and Future).”

Leary - National Order of the Coif Lecture, University of Utah Law School, November 2000, “More than Mere Majorities.”

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, elected member, 2000.

Meador Lecture, University of Alabama Law School, February 2000, “Speculating Law: Beyond Cigarettes and Swiss Banks.”

Coase Lecture, University of Chicago Law School, February 1999, “Carrots and Torts.”

Levine Lecture, Fordham Law School, October 1997, “Fairness, Efficiency, Conspiracy.”

Traynor Award, University of Virginia (law faculty research prize), 1997.

Paulus Lecture, Willamette University College of Law, February 1997, “Fables, Sagas, and Laws.”

Distinguished Visitor Lecture, Boston University Law School, March 1996, “Unsuitable Bargains.”

LL.D. (Honorary), IIT Chicago-Kent, June 1995 (Commencement address: “Attention Spans and Due Process”).

Enlund Colloquium Lecture, DePaul University College of Law, March 1995, "The Allure of Love-It-or-Leave-It Rules."

Centennial Visitor Lecture, Chicago-Kent College of Law, September 1994, "Democracy and Disasters."

Day, Berry & Howard Visiting Scholar Lecture, University of Connecticut School of Law, September 1989, "Just Compensation and Just Politics."

Alumni Association Teaching Award, University of Virginia, 1984.