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Jeff Leslie : Presentations

"How Multiple Cooks Make Broth – Decision-making and Organizational Clients," Association of American Law Schools Conference on Clinical Legal Education, 2011 (with Susan Bennett and Praveen Kosuri)

Negotiations Workshop at Chicago Careers in Law Series, 2011 (with Randy Schmidt)

"Introduction to Affordable Housing," John Marshall Law School, 2010; 2007; 2006; 2005; 2004; 2003

“Introduction to Negotiations,” CLE presentation to City of Chicago Department of Law, June 2009

"You Too Can Create a Simulation Exercise (Or Even a Course)," Conference on Teaching Drafting and Transactional Skills: The Basics and Beyond at Emory Law School, May 2008 (panelist) 

"Signature and Shadow Pedagogies: Coexistence or Collaboration?," Edwin F. Mandel Legal Aid Clinic 50th Anniversary Symposium, February 2008 (moderator)

“Affordable Housing Development Process,” Housing Initiative’s Workshop on Housing and Prisoner Reentry, October 2007

“Illinois Federally Assisted Housing Preservation Act – An Overview,” Chicago Rehab Network Preservation Summit, June 2006

“Animal Agriculture and the Law,” Duke University Animal Law Conference, April 2006 (panelist)

“Defining Legal Life: Animal Rights,” Life and Law: Definitions and Decisionmaking Symposium at University of Chicago, October 2005

“'Filling out Forms and Killing Deals’ – What Do Transactional Lawyers Really Do?,” Midwest Clinical Teachers Conference, October 2004 (with Beth Milnikel)

“Affordable Condominiums,” Real Estate Section of the Chicago Bar Association, November 2003