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Brian Leiter : Works in Progress


Nietzsche’s Moral Psychology:  An Exposition and Defense.   Monograph examining the key issues in Nietzsche’s moral psychology, including:  the sources and nature of moral judgments; freedom and responsibility; the explanation of action; the contents of the mind; the will.   Under contract with Oxford University Press.

Oxford Studies in the Philosophy of Law, Volume 2.  Co-edited with Leslie Green.  Contributors to include:  Bruno Celano, Luís Duarte d’Almeida, R.A. Duff, Michael Guidice, Matthew Kramer, Barbara Levenbook, Stephen Perry, Hanoch Sheinman,  C.L. Ten.

Marx.  To appear in the Routledge Philosophers series.  Co-authored with Jamie Edwards. 

Articles and Reviews

1.  “The Case Against Free Speech.”

2.  “Nietzsche Against the Philosophical Canon.”

3.  “Reply to Critics,” to appear in an issue of Criminal Law & Philosophy on my book Why Tolerate Religion?, with  contributions from Corey Brettschneider, Peter Jones, Cecile LaBorde, and Frederick Schauer.

4.  “The Innocence of Becoming.”

5.  “Why Legal Positivism?”

6.  “Marx, Law, Ideology, Legal Positivism,” to appear in Virginia Law Review.

7.  “Nietzsche,” to appear in J. Sytsma & W. Buckwalter (eds.), The Blackwell Companion to Experimental Philosophy (with  Daniel Telech).

8.  “Normativity for Naturalists” for a volume on “Normativity” edited by Ram Neta for Philosophical Issues:  A Supplement to  Nous.

9.  “Philosophy of Law,” for Encyclopedia Brittannica.