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Brian Leiter : News

July 11, 2011
University of Chicago News Office
"Law alumni lead through the courts"
by Sarah Galer
July 6, 2011
University of Chicago News Office
"Faculty members receive named, distinguished service professorships"
by Staff
January 3, 2011
New York Times Opinionator
"Anonymity and the Dark Side of the Internet"
by Stanley Fish
September 11, 2010
University of Chicago Law School
"Leiter Guested on WHY? Radio"
September 6, 2010
National Law Journal
"Law School Report - A look at professors who have made blogging a mainstream medium."
by Leigh Jones
August 30, 2010
Chicago Lawyer
"School believes in interdisciplinary education "
by Danielle Feinstein
August 19, 2010
New York Times
"Where the Smart Students Are"
by Brian Leiter
April 11, 2010
WHY? Radio Show
"The Profession of Philosophy"
by Brian Leiter
August 21, 2009
The New York Times: Room for Debate
"Freedom to be Wrong"
by Brian Leiter
July 31, 2009
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
"Brian Leiter, Naturalizing Jurisprudence: Essays on American Legal Realism and Naturalism in Legal Philosophy"
by Robin Bradley Kar