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Martin Jacobson : Courses and Seminars

Project and Infrastructure Development and Finance
LAWS 42512
This seminar is focused on the development and project financing of infrastructure facilities. These transactions feature a wide variety of commercial agreements and financial instruments, legal and financial structuring, and a significant role for lawyers. Public private partnership structures will be examined. Representative transactions, principally in the energy, transportation and public infrastructure sectors, will be selected for analysis and discussion. Infrastructure projects such as these provide a convenient vehicle for discussion of contractual provisions, structuring parameters, financial analysis, and legal practice issues common to a broad range of business and financial transactions. The classes will be discussion oriented; grades will be based on short papers, a case study and class participation. There are no pre-requisites, although basic corporation law would be helpful. The readings will be taken from textbooks, professional journals, and actual commercial and financial contracts. A speaker from the financial community with a wide range of experience is expected. Students wishing to meet the WP requirement must complete a research paper. Enrollment is limited to 25 students.
Autumn 2014
Martin Jacobson