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Dennis J. Hutchinson : Publications

Books (Author)

    The Forgotten Memoir of John Knox: A Year in the Life of a Supreme Court Clerk in FDR's Washington (University of Chicago Press, 2002) (with David J. Garrow). [CU]

    The Man Who Once Was Whizzer White (The Free Press, 1998). [CU]

Journal Articles

    "Lincoln the Dictator," 55 South Dakota Law Review 284 (2010). [CU]

    "In Memoriam: Clayton S. White (1912-2004)," XCI American Oxonian 380 (2005). [CU]

    "Aspen and the Transformation of Harry Blackmun," 2005 Supreme Court Review 307 (2005). [CU]

    "Perspectives on Brown," 8 Green Bag 43 (2004). [CU]

    "Introduction: Brown in the Supreme Court," 6 Journal of Appellate Practice and Process 11 (2004). [CU]

    "Credos Tribute," 112 Yale Law Journal 983 (2003). [CU]

    "Elements of the Law," 70 University of Chicago Law Review 141 (2003). [CU]

    "Two Cheers for Judicial Restraint: Justice White and the Role of the Supreme Court Justice White and the Exercise of Judicial Power," 74 University of Colorado Law Review 1409 (2003). [CU]

    "In Memoriam: Byron R. White (1917-2002)," LXXXIX American Oxonian 463 (2002). [CU]

    "Remembering Grant Gilmore," 6 Green Bag 67 (2002). [CU]

    "The Achilles Heel of the Constitution: Justice Jackson and the Japanese Exclusion Cases," 2002 Supreme Court Review 455 (2002). [CU]

    "A Century of Social Reform: The Judicial Role," 4 Green Bag 151 (2001). [CU]

    "Remembering Lewis F. Powell," 2 Green Bag 163 (1999). [CU] [WWW]

    "Preface," 1999 Supreme Court Review ix (1999) (with Geoffrey R. Stone & David A. Strauss). [CU]

    "Book Review (reviewing Melvin I. Urofsky, Division and Discord: The Supreme Court under Stone and Vinson, 1941-1953 (1997))," 17 Law and History Review 205 (1999). [CU]

    "The Ideal New Frontier Judge," 1997 Supreme Court Review 373 (1998). [CU]

    "Whizzer White at Yale," 1 Green Bag 137 (1998). [CU]

    "Justice Jackson and the Nuremberg Trials," 1996 Journal of Supreme Court History 105 (1996). [CU]

    "Hugo Black Among Friends," 93 Michigan Law Review 1885 (1995). [CU]

    "Judicial Biography: Amicus Curiae," 70 New York University Law Review 723 (1995). [CU]

    "The Papers of Thurgood Marshall," 6 Appellate Law Review 72 (1994). [CU]

    "Roundtable on Justice White," 79 ABA Journal 68 (1993). [CU]

    "Perspectives on White: A Roundtable," 79 American Bar Association Journal 68 (1993) (moderator). [CU]

    "Byron R. White," XIV Supreme Court Historical Society 10 (1993). [CU]

    "The Man Who Once was Whizzer White," 103 Yale Law Journal 43 (1993). [CU]

    "The Felix Frankfurter Papers," 75 Journal of American History 1384 (1989). [CU]

    "Comment on Danelski," 84 Northwestern University Law Review 925 (1989). [CU]

    "The Black-Jackson Feud," 1988 Supreme Court Review 203 (1988). [CU]

    "Scholar's View of the Tom C. Clark Papers, A Paper," 1 Symposium on the Tom C. Clark Papers 5 (1987). [CU]

    "Book Review (reviewing Sidney Fine, Frank Murphy: The Washington Years (1984))," 1 Benchmark 54 (1985). [CU]

    "Too Many Friends of the Court?," 70 ABA Journal 16 (1984) (with Philip B. Kurland). [CU]

    "Book Review (reviewing Mark Silverstein, Constitutional Faiths : Felix Frankfurter, Hugo Black, and the Process of Judicial Decision Making (1984))," 34 Legal Education 748 (1984). [CU]

    "In Memoriam: Abe Fortas," 1983 Yearbook of the Supreme Court Historical Society 7 (1983). [CU]

    "Hail to the Chief: Earl Warren and the Supreme Court," 81 Michigan Law Review 922 (1983). [CU]

    "The Business of the Supreme Court, O.T. 1982," 50 University of Chicago Law Review 628 (1983) (with Philip B. Kurland). [CU]

    "More Substantive Equal Protection--A Note on Plyler v. Doe," 1982 Supreme Court Review 167 (1982). [CU]

    "Unanimity and Desegregation: Decisionmaking in the Supreme Court, 1948-1958," 68 Georgetown Law Journal 1 (1980). [CU]

    "Felix Frankfurter and the Business of the Supreme Court, O.T. 1946-O.T. 1961," 1980 Supreme Court Review 143 (1980). [CU]


    Editor, The Supreme Court Review(1991-2014)(with Geoffrey R. Stone & David A. Strauss).

    Editor, The Supreme Court Review(1982-1990)(with Gerhard Casper & Philip B. Kurland).

Book Sections

    "Philip Kurland," in Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law, Roger Newman ed. (Yale University Press, 2009). [CU]

    "Benjamin N. Cardozo," in The New Oxford Companion to Law, Peter Cane & Joanne Conaghan eds. (Oxford University Press, 2008). [CU]

    "Resolutions of the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States in Honor of Justice White," in United States Reports (United States, 2003) (with Lance Liebman). [CU]

    "Foreword," in Fa lu tui li yin lun (Chinese University of Political Studies Press, 2002) (with Edward Hirsch Levi) (Chinese translation of An introduction to Legal Reasoning). [CU]

    "Byron R. White," in The Encyclopedia of the Great Plains (University of Nebraska, 2001). [CU]

    "Harry A. Blackmun," in The Justices of the United States Supreme Court, Leon Friedman & Fred L. Israel eds. (Chelsea House, 1995). [CU]

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    "Warren Burger," in Colliers Encyclopedia.(1979). [CU]

Other Publications

    "Crying Wolf over Gorsuch," Chicago Tribune, February 8, 2017. [WWW]

    "Biography Overstates its Case: Earl Warren's Path to the Supreme Court," Chicago Tribune, October 8, 2006, at p. C3. [WWW]

    "Judgment Still Pending On Clarence Thomas, Review of Ken Foskett, Judging Thomas: The Life and Times of Clarence Thomas," Chicago Tribune, September 6, 2004. [WWW]

    "Bench Press (reviewing Sandra Day O'Connor, The Majesty of the Law: Reflections of a Supreme Court Justice (2003))," New York Times Book Review, June 30, 2003, at p.22. [WWW]

    "Dismantling a Legend (reviewing Bruce Allen Murphy, Wild Bill: The Legend and Life of William O. Douglas (2003))," Chicago Tribune Books, March 17, 2003, at p.1. [WWW]

    "Rehnquist's Law (reviewing Kenneth W. Starr, First Among Equals: The Supreme Court in American Life (2002))," New York Times Book Review, October 14, 2002. [WWW]

    "Supreme Idealist (reviewing Kent Newmeyer, John Marshall and the Heroic Age of the Supreme Court (2001))," New York Times Book Review, January 14, 2002, at p.18. [WWW]

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    "Burger Needs to Define His Court Before Creating a New One," Los Angeles Times, February 9, 1983.

    "William O. Douglas: Justice for All," Newsday, January 21, 1980, at p. 37.