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Aziz Huq : News

January 10, 2017
University of Chicago Maroon
"Twenty-Two Law Professors Sign Letter Opposing Trump Attorney General Pick Jeff Sessions"
by Lee Harris
September 13, 2016
"The Path of National Security Scholarship in the Fifteen Years After 9/11"
by Aziz Huq
July 18, 2016
The New Rambler Review
"Democracy’s IKEA"
by Aziz Huq
April 7, 2016
Law School Communications
by Becky Beaupre Gillespie
February 14, 2016
University of Chicago
"Antonin Scalia, U.S. Supreme Court Justice and Former UChicago Law Professor, 1936-2016"
February 14, 2016
Law School Office of Communications
February 13, 2016
Chicago Tribune
"Scalia remembered locally for his belief in original intent of 'Founding Fathers'"
by Carlos Sadovi
January 5, 2016
"Revive Congressional Authority over Courts"
by Aziz Huq
November 30, 2015
Boston Review
"America’s Refugee Debt"
by Aziz Huq