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James J. Heckman : Education and Experience


Princeton University
PhD in economics, 1971
MA in economics, 1968

Colorado College
BA in math, 1965


University of Chicago
Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School, 2011-present
Henry Schultz Distinguished Service Professor, 1995-present
Director, Center for Social Program Evaluation, Harris School of Public Policy, 1991-present
Harris School of Public Policy, Affiliated Faculty, 1990-present
Professor of Economics, 1977-present
Associate Professor, 1973-1977 (tenured, 1974)
Henry Schultz Professor, 1985-1995
Director, Economics Research Center

Yale University
Alfred Cowles Distinguished Visiting Professor, Cowles Foundation, 2008-present
A. Whitney Griswold Professor of Economics, 1988-1990
Professor of Statistics, 1990
Yale Law School Lecturer, 1989-1990

University College Dublin
Professor of Science and Society, 2005-present

American Bar Foundation
Senior Research Fellow, 1991-present

National Bureau of Economic Research
Associate, 1971-1985; 1987-present
Research Fellow, 1972-1973

Peking University
Changjiang River Scholar Professor, 2004-2008

University College London
Distinguished Chair of Microeconometrics, 2004-2008

RAND Corporation
Consultant, 1975-1976

Columbia University
Associate Professor, 1974-1974
Assistant Professor, 1970-1973

New York University
Adjunct Assistant Professor, 1972
Council of Economic Advisors
Junior Economist Advisors, 1967