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Mark J. Heyrman : Presentations


“Mental Health Courts in Context” Justice and Mental Health Workshop, Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts (May, 2011).

“Recent and Pending Changes to Mental Health law and Policies” Chicago Bar Association, Mental Health and Disability Law Committee (March, 2011)

“Sorting Out Cause and Effect in the Mental Health System” Adler School for Professional Psychology (February, 2011)

“Representing Persons with Mental Illnesses Charged with Crimes” Office of the Public Defender of Cook County, Illinois  (January, 2011).

“The Uneasy Case for Requiring Mental Health Court Participants to Take Psychotropic Medicaions” Grand Rounds, University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Psychiatry (November, 2010)

"The Use of Powers of Attorney and other Advance Directives in Mental Health Care" Chicago
Bar Foundation Training Program for Assisting Families with Mental Illness (June, 2010).

"Changes to Illinois Mental Health Laws" 21st Annual Mental Health and Justice Conference,
Illinois Department of Human Services (June, 2010).

"Home is a Good Place: Moving People out of Illinois Nursing Homes" Symposium on Mental
Health Treatment in Illinois: Time for a Change, Illinois State Bar Association (May, 2010).

"Confidentiality of Mental Health Records" Evanston (Illinois) Hospital, Division of Psychology
and Social Work (April, 2010).

"Reaping the Hidden Harvest: Causes for Optimism about the Future of Mental Health Services" Keynote Address at Focus on the Future Symposium, Macon County (Illinois) Mental Health Board (January, 2010).

“What We Can Learn About Planning a Legal Theory from The Arc of Justice” Midwest Clinical Teachers Conference (October, 2009).

“Sorting our Cause and Effect in Our Mental Health System” Legislative Bootcamp South Royalton, Vermont (October, 2009)

“Fixing the Care System for Elderly Persons with Mental Illnesses” Summit on Mental Health and Aging, Chicago (June, 2009)

“Making Outpatient Commitment Work in Illinois” Madden Mental Health Center, Maywood, Illinois (June, 2009).

“The Uneasy Case for Requiring Mental Health Court Participants to Take Psychotropic Medications”, 2nd Annual Mental Health Court Conference, Glen Ellyn, Illinois (June 2009).

“Changes in Mental Health Law and Policy” NAMI-Dupage, Glen Ellyn, Illinois (May, 2009).

“Using the Law to Obtain Treatment” Illinois State Bar Association Annual Mental Health Law Day, Chicago (May, 2009).

“The Future of State Pyschiatric Hospitals in Illinois” Advocates United, Tinley Park, Illinois (May, 2009).

“How Much Coercion Should There Be in the Mental Health System” Pritzker School of Medicine Psychiatric Interest Group, Chicago (April, 2009).

“Will the New Commitment Standard Change Anything in Illinois” 18th Annual Northern Illinois University Law Review Symposium, DeKalb, Illinois (April, 2009)

“Insurance Parity for Mental Illnesses” Symposium of the Action Group on Mental Illness, Singapore (March, 2009).

“Fixing the Mental Health System in Illinois” Adler School of Professional Psychology, Chicago (March, 2009).

“Representing and Treating Persons with Mental Illnesses in Criminal Court” Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice, Chicago (March, 2009).

“Mental Health Legislative Update” Chicago Bar Association Mental Health & Disability Law Committee (February, 2009).

“Why the Standard for Involuntary Commitment Does Not Matter (Much)” American Psychiatric Association 60th Institute for Psychiatric Services, Chicago (October, 2008).
“Recent Changes in Illinois Mental Health Law” Good Samaritan Hospital, Downers Grove, Illinois (June, 2008).

“What We Know about Mental Health Court after Ten Years” Keynote Address, First Annual Mental Health Court Conference, Glen Ellyn, Illinois (June, 2008).