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M. Todd Henderson : Publications

Book Sections

"The Changing Demand for Insider Trading Law." In Insider Trading Anthology, Stephen Bainbridge, ed. Edward Elgar, forthcoming.

"Second Best Is Good Enough: The Case of Jones v. Harris Associates." In Business Law and the Roberts Court, Jonathan Adler, editor. (forthcoming)

"Insider Trading and Executive Compensation: What We Can Learn from the Experience with Rule 10b5-1." In Research Handbook On Executive Pay, Randall S. Thomas and Jennifer G. Hill, eds. Edward Elgar, 2012.

"Everything Old Is New Again: Lessons from Dodge v. Ford Motor Company." In Corporate Law Stories. Foundation, 2009.

Journal Articles

“Hiding in Plain Sight: Can Disclosure Enhance Insiders' Trade Returns?,” under review at Journal of Management Science (with Alan Jagolinzer and Karl Muller).

“Voice and Exit in Health Care Policy.” Pathology Case Reviews (forthcoming 2012).

“Pay for Regulator Performance,” University of Southern California Law Review (forthcoming 2012).

“Insider Trading and CEO Pay.” 64 Vanderbilt Law Review 505 (2011) (included in the Securities Law Review 2012, Donald Langevoort, ed.).

"Paying Bank Examiners for Performance: Should Regulators Receive Bonuses for Effectively Guarding the Public Interest?" 7 Regulation 32 (2012).

"Note: The English Premier League's Home Grown Player Rule Under the Law of the European Union." 37 Brooklyn Journal of International Law 259 (2011).

"Do Accounting Rules Matter? The Dangerous Allure of Mark to Market." 36 Journal of Corporation Law 513 (2011) (with Richard Epstein).

"Insider Trading and CEO Pay." 64 Vanderbilt Law Review 505 (2011).

"Justifying Jones." 77 University of Chicago Law Review 1027 (2010).

"Predicting Crime." 52 Arizona Law Review 15 (2010).

"Credit Derivatives Are Not 'Insurance'." 16 Connecticut Insurance Law Journal 1 (2009).

"The Nanny Corporation." 76 University of Chicago Law Review 1517 (2009).

"Introduction to The Going Private Phenomenon: Causes and Implications." 76 University of Chicago Law Review 1 (2009) (with Richard Epstein).

"The Impotence of Delaware's Taxes: A Response to Barzuza's Delaware's Compensation." 95 Virginia Law Review In Brief 49 (2009).

"Corporate Philanthropy and the Market for Altruism." 109(5) Columbia Law Review 571 (2009) (with Anup Malani).

"One Hat Too Many? Investment Desegregation in Private Equity." 76(1) University of Chicago Law Review 45 (2009) (with William Birdthistle).

"Two Visions of Corporate Law." 77(3) George Washington Law Review 708 (2009).

"Citing Fiction." 11 Green Bag 2nd (2008).

"From 'Seriatim' to Consensus and Back Again: A Theory of Dissent." Supreme Court Review (2008).

"Other People's Money." 60 Stanford Law Review (2008) (with Douglas Baird).

"Deconstructing Duff and Phelps." 74 University of Chicago Law Review 1739 (2007) (Special Issue: Commemorating Twenty-Five Years of Judge Richard A. Posner).

"Paying CEOs in Bankruptcy: Executive Compensation When Agency Costs Are Low." 101 Northwestern University Law Review 1543 (2007).

"Prediction Markets for Corporate Governance." 82 University of Notre Dame Law Review 1343 (2007) (with Michael Abramowicz).

"Corporate Heroin: A Defense of Perks, Executive Loans, and Conspicuous Consumption." 93 Georgetown Law Journal 1835 (2005) (with James C. Spindler).

"The Influence of F. A. Hayek on Law: An Empirical Analysis." NYU Journal of Law and Liberty (2005).

Newspaper Articles

"What Kind of Health-Care Paternalism Do We Want?" Wall Street Journal, June 19, 2009, p. 14.

"Capitalism 2.0.", March 10, 2008 (with Anup Malani).

Working Papers

"The Nanny Corporation and the Market for Paternalism."

"Predicting Crime." (with Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz).

"Scienter Disclosure." (with Alan Jagolinzer and Karl Muller).