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Robert A. Helman : Courses and Seminars

National Security Issues and the Development of Legal Practice Skills
LAWS 70703
This seminar will address current national security issues, including Presidential power under Const. art. II to wage war and to close the Guantanamo detention center; indefinite incarceration at Guantanamo and elsewhere; combating domestic terrorism threats; cyber warfare; electronic surveillance and encryption; assassination; and drone warfare. More than the typical seminar, this class will focus on helping students develop a range of skills required for successful law practice. Students will form teams of 2-4 persons. Each team will select a topic, present its analysis of the topic and lead the class discussion of the topic. Each team will also submit a short memo on its selected topic. Constitutional Law I or the equivalent is recommended but not required (and can be taken concurrently).
Spring 2016
Robert A. Helman