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Erin Casey : Courses and Seminars

Closing A Deal: The Structuring and Documentation of a Secured Loan Transaction
LAWS 71403
This seminar will cover the structuring, documentation and closing of a secured loan transaction from the perspective of the secured lender. As counsel for the secured lender we will first consider the best structure for the proposed loans and how both the organization and working capital needs of the borrowers and the underwriting and regulatory constraints of the secured lender influence this structure. We will next assess commitment documentation and syndication. The majority of our time will then be spent analyzing transaction documentation, progressing from the organization of the closing checklist to the negotiation of the credit agreement and finally to the perfection of liens. In this seminar we will discuss not only why transactions and documentation are structured the way they are and the meanings of standard credit document provisions, but also the practical implications for any commercial finance associate living through the transaction.
Autumn 2013
Erin Casey
Secured Lender Remedies and Workout Transactions
LAWS 71404
Starting first by discussing the parameters under which a borrower company must typically operate under its secured loan facility, this seminar will focus on the remedies available to secured lenders when that borrower defaults and the various workout transactions that may ensue, either before bankruptcy or as a bankruptcy alternative. Remedies will be viewed from the perspective of the secured lender's counsel, including negotiation and documentation of forbearance agreements, consensual turnovers and UCC sales of assets and equity, as well as exercise of pledged equity voting rights.
Spring 2014
Erin Casey