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William C. Golden : Courses and Seminars

Non-Profit Organizations
LAWS 67802
The financial crisis and increase in political polarization that we have experienced has led to an increase in the role of non-profit organizations in our economy and democratic processes. However, few professionals understand how the rules applicable to non-profit organizations differ from comparable laws that govern the behavior of for-profit entities. This seminar attempts to fill that gap by exploring the tax and non-tax rules applicable to non-profit organizations. Such topics as fiduciary duties, commercial activities, federal and state tax exemptions, charitable deductions, and limits on lobbying and political activities are included. We dwell on the underlying question of why some activities (and not others) are carried out in the non-profit sector and the erosion of the difference between activities conducted by for-profit and non-profit entities. Think of hospitals; both for-profit and non-profit hospitals provide the same services to customers (patients). However, the tax and non-tax rules that apply to the two categories of hospitals are quite different. We examine these differences and consider whether they make sense. Prerequisite: Introductory Income Taxation (may be taken concurrently). The grade is based on a final take-home examination and class participation.
Autumn 2014
William C. Golden