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Georgie Boge Geraghty : Courses and Seminars

International Environmental Law
LAWS 92702
This seminar examines how global resources can be protected within an international legal framework where state actors reign supreme. Sources of international environmental law and associated enforcement mechanisms will be discussed with reference to various environmental problems such as loss of biodiversity, climate change, ozone depletion, trans-boundary air pollution, and oil spills. The relationship between trade, development, and environmental protection will receive particular attention throughout the seminar, as will issues arising from the evolving role of non-state actors. The student's grade will be based on class participation and a major paper of at least 20-25 pages in length. For two credits, students may submit two 8-10 page response papers in lieu of the major paper. This seminar may be taken to fulfill one of the substantial writing requirements if the major paper is certified by the professor as having met the criteria.
Spring 2015
Georgie Boge Geraghty