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Sherod Thaxton : Publications


Book Sections

"A General Strain Theory Approach to Families and Delinquency." In Families, Crime and Criminal Justice, edited by Greer L. Fox and Michael L. Benson. JAI Press, 2000 (with Robert Agnew and Cesar J. Rebellon).

Journal Articles

"Does Victimization Reduce Self-Control? A Longitudinal Analysis." 39 Journal of Criminal Justice 169 (2011) (with Robert Agnew, Jessica Grosholz, Deena Isom, Heather Scheuerman, Lesley Watson).

"Do Frustrated Economic Expectations and Objective Economic Inequity Promote Crime? A Randomized Experiment Testing Agnew’s General Strain Theory." 6 European Journal of Criminology 47 (2009) (with Nicole Leeper-Piquero, Alex R. Piquero, and Cesar J. Rebellon).

"Comment, Determining ‘Reasonableness’ without a Reason? Federal Appellate Review Post-Rita v. United States." 75 University of Chicago Law Review 1885 (2008).

"A General Strain Theory of Racial Differences in Criminal Offending." 41 Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology 421 (2008) (with Robert Agnew, Joanne M. Kaufman, and Cesar J. Rebellon).

"The Nonlinear Effects of Parental and Teacher Attachment on Delinquency: Disentangling Strain from Social Control Explanations." 21 Justice Quarterly 763 (2004) (with Robert Agnew).