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James Peterson : Courses and Seminars

Risk Management and Policy Decision-Making
LAWS 73914
Challenges of risk identification, assessment and management are pervasive – in business, politics, and personal life – as shown by the highly disruptive events spreading since 2007 from the capital markets through all sectors of the global economies. This seminar will examine sources of bias, avoidable errors and misapprehension in risk-related decision-making processes, models, assumptions and behaviors. Focus will be on the importance of “black swan” events – the unpredictable and highly consequential. We will also address the significance of risk issues to regulatory and legislative initiatives, and the complexities in achieving desirable and effective policy decisions and solutions. Readings will be taken from a broad selection of multi-disciplinary sources. Grading will be based on class participation, short written assignments, and a take-home exam.
Autumn 2013
James Peterson