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Craig B. Futterman : Presentations


Commentator, The Attorney General’s Efforts to Address Police Accountability, National Public Radio (May 2011).

Lecture, Accessing Justice and Accountability in Policing: The Role of Law School Clinics, Windsor Law School, Windsor, Canada (March 2011).

Lecture, The United States Supreme Court and the Constitution, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools (February 2011).

Lecture, American Policing and Accountability, U.S. Department of State sponsored delegation of Palestinian law enforcement in the West Bank (November 2010).

Expert panelist, Teach In: Knowing Your Rights, University of Chicago, Office of Minority Student Affairs (May 2010).

Lecture, “Race, Police, and the Constitution: A View From Eight Square Blocks of Chicago’s South Side,” University of Chicago (March 2010).

Martin Luther King holiday lecture, “Changing the World One Person at a Time,” Power of One Program, Solomon Schecter Middle School (January 2010).

Organizer, a series of lectures and events with the University of Chicago Law School, the Invisible Institute and Chicago Public Radio featuring Michelle Alexander and her book, “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness,” (Feb 2010).

Featured Guest, WVON Radio, “The Other Side with Charles Butler,” discussing constitutional issues concerning the Illinois property forfeiture scheme (October 2009).

Lecture, “The Effective Use of Expert Witnesses in State and Federal Court,” University of Chicago Law School (September 2009).

Guest Trainer, Independent Police Review Authority of the City of Chicago around issues of community expectations and awareness (May 2009).

Guest on Garrard McClendon Live on criminal prosecution and sentencing of police brutality (June 2009).

Featured lecturer, Workshop on Ethical Issues in Settlement Negotiations, National Police Accountability Project (April 2009).

Special guest expert, Fox News Investigation into Chicago’s Manipulation of Homicide Statistics (March 2009).

Guest expert, WVON Radio Kendall Moore Show, “Should the Identities of the Police Officers Charged with the Most Abuse in the City be Released to the Public?” (March 2009).

Lecturer and workshop leader, “Strategies for Combating Police Brutality,” Rebellious Lawyering Conference, Yale Law School (Feb. 2009).

Debate with Professor Gerald Rosenberg “Is the Hope Still Hollow: Can Courts Bring About Social Change?” University of Chicago Law School Black History Month Event (Feb. 2009).

Guest Lecturer, Race and Criminal Justice Seminar (taught by Prof. Randolph Stone), University of Chicago Law School (Jan. 2009).

Public lecture, “Race and Inequality: Chicago Stories,” Inauguration of Stanford Law School’s speaker series on Race, Law, and Inequality (December 2008).

Lecture, “Police Accountability in Chicago: Has the Chicago Police Department Fixed its Broken Systems?” Civil Liberties Committee, Chicago Council of Lawyers, (December 2008).

Organizer, meeting between Chicago Civil Rights Lawyers and Director of Independent Police Review Authority for City of Chicago (Nov. 2008).

Plenary, “Strategies to Address Prosecutorial Misconduct and Abuse of Power: The Role of the Juvenile Defender,” National Juvenile Leadership Summit, New Orleans, LA. (October 2008).

Lecture, “The Machinery of Denial,” Sunday Forum, First Unitarian Church of Chicago (Nov. 2008).

Teacher, Section 1983 Civil Rights Litigation seminar, “Systemic Deficiencies in Police Internal Affairs Investigations: The Use of Statistical Evidence to Address Police Supervisory and Disciplinary Practices,” Georgetown Law School (April 2008).

Guest, ABC 20/20 investigation into police code of silence. (May 2008).

Consultant, CBS 60 Minutes, “Officer Herrera Goes Public,” investigative piece on systemic problems in the Chicago Police Department (aired June 2008).

Panelist, “Why is it so Hard to Change the Status Quo: The Forces at Work,” Rebellious Lawyering Conference, Taos, N.M. (June 2008).

Faculty panelist, University of Chicago’s Martin Luther King Commemoration: “Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere: Examining and Exposing the Continuing Violence and Discrimination of the 21st Century,” (January 2008).

Keynote speaker, “Targeted Enforcement: Fair Housing and Law Enforcement,” seminar sponsored by Bay Area Legal Aid and addressed to housing attorneys and community organizers throughout California, San Francisco, CA. (January 2008).

Moderator, “Out of the Shadow: Clinical Legal Education, Mandel Clinic’s 50th Anniversary Symposium,” University of Chicago Law School (February 2008).

Commentator, CLTV Special Report on Cook County State’s Attorney Election (2008).

Speaker, Symposium on Independent Civilian Oversight of Police, Chicago (Feb. 2008).

Speaker, organizational meeting to create a student chapter of the National Lawyers Guild at the University of Chicago Law School (Winter 2008).

Moderator, “Hate Speech, Hate Crimes, the Klu Klux Klan, and the First Amendment,” Black Law Students Association and the A.C.L.U. chapters, University of Chicago Law School (Winter 2008).

Teacher, Seminar on Advanced Issues in Police Misconduct Litigation, “Proving a Monell Claim based on Systematic Deficiencies in Police Internal Affairs Investigations,” National Police Accountability Project, Washington D.C. (November 2007).

Expert witness, testimony before Chicago City Council concerning the need to create an independent agency to investigate police abuse in Chicago (June 2007).

Delivered keynote address at Roger Williams School of Law Martin Luther King Holiday celebration, “The Dream or the Broken Promise? African-Americans, the Police, and Our Constitution.” (January 2007).

Organized and led academic conference at University of Chicago Law School: “The View From the Ground: Issues and Inquiries Arising From Eight Square Blocks of Chicago’s South Side.” ( (April 2007).

Featured commentator on CBS News Special Investigative Report, “Above the Law” (April 2007).

Taught seminar to National Police Accountability Project on the Use of Statistics in Demonstrating Patterns and Practices of Civil Rights Violations (January 2007).

Gave presentation, “Police Oversight in Chicago– A Portrait of Impunity,” at University of Illinois-Chicago’s Symposium on Independent Civilian Oversight of Police in Chicago. (February 2007).

Featured on CAN-TV special– Who should Police the Police? (March 2007).

Featured guest on Chicago Public Radio, discussing police reform (March 2007).

Featured guest on “26 North Halsted,” WCIU-TV Chicago, in piece about the study of police misconduct in Chicago. (April 2007).

Presented Lecture, “Race and Policing: Stories from our Criminal Justice System,” Northeastern University, Center for Inner City Studies, November 2006.

Presented Lecture to DePaul Law School faculty on Clinical Legal Education in the 21st Century (November 2006).

Presented Work in Progress, “The Regime of Not Knowing,” to the University of Chicago Law faculty.

Addressed American Bar Association’s 2006 Mid-Year Meeting: “Constitutional Law Through the Eyes of Black America: From Dred Scott to Hurricane Katrina.”

Lectured at 2006 National Black Law Students Association Convention, “The Tie that Binds: Identifying the Roots of Community Consciousness in the Legal Profession.”

Participated in Chicago Public Radio debate exploring the culture and accountability of the Chicago Police Department.

Guest on CBS and ABC-TV News concerning the phenomenon of false confessions.

Guest on Fox, CBS-TV and ABC-TV News and National Public Radio concerning 2006 criminal indictments of Special Operations police officers.

Appeared on Chicago Public Radio’s “848" Show following the release of the Special Prosecutor’s Report on Police Torture, to discuss conditions that allowed police officers to commit torture without fear of reprisal.

Featured on NBC Special Investigative Report related to Chicago Police Department Practices Concerning the Treatment of Witnesses.

Speaker at University of Chicago Law School 2006 Public Interest Law Society event on police torture.

Addressed 2005 Annual NAACP Convention with lecture, “Getting Police Accountability on the National Agenda.”

Presented Lecture entitled, “Best Practices to Promote Integrity and Accountability and the University Police Department,” as part of Provost’s Initiative on Minority Issues Workshop at the University of Chicago.

Guest on Chicago Public Radio, discussing the political climate for police reform.

Group Leader at Association of American Law Schools’ 2005 Clinical Legal Education Workshop on Clinical Teaching and Supervision. Organized plenary sessions at Conference.

Delivered Lecture entitled, “Creative Approaches to Juvenile Defense: Police Misconduct and The ‘Drop’ Case,” at the 2004 National Juvenile Defender Summit.

Served as featured guest on National Public Radio show concerning, “A Second Look at the Office of Professional Standards.”

Lectured at Chicago Lunch Box series, featuring the Clinic's First Defense Legal Aid case.

Presented lecture entitled, "Policing Public Housing," at Northwestern Law School.

Gave lecture entitled, "Community, Cops, & Culture: A Public Housing Community's Struggle for Justice & Accountability," at the Chicago Plaza Club.

Delivered lecture entitled, "When the Police Step Out of Bounds: Issues of Race, Class & Accountability," and led First Forum held at the Unitarian Church of Hyde Park.

Awarded grant based on proposal and presentation before the Women's Board of the University of Chicago Law School to support the work of the Mandel Legal Aid Clinic.

Gave talk to University of Chicago Law School's Visiting Committee, showcasing the work of the Law School's newest faculty.

Moderated debate on Racial Profiling and the War on Terror between Richard Epstein and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Presented lecture entitled, "Putting Justice in the Criminal Justice System" at inaugural event of American Constitution Society at the University of Chicago Law School.

Organized Town Hall Meeting, "The End of the Nightstick Then and Now-- A History of Police Brutality in Chicago."

Organized panel of public housing residents to speak at Law School about public safety and police accountability issues in public housing.

Organized seminar on Defending Against Section 1983 Police Misconduct Lawsuits -- The Police Perspective.

Sponsored and organized lectures on Criminal Interrogations; Police Accountability and Community Justice: The Next Steps for Reform; and Comparative Police Disciplinary Systems.

Organized and moderated Chicago Law & Society panel on Police Accountability.

Conducted Work in Progress regarding the First Defense Legal Aid case.

Presented at Clinic-wide meetings regarding the work of the Civil Rights Police Accountability Project.

Participated in AALS Equal Justice Colloquium.

Lectured on Office of Career Services panels regarding public interest law careers.

Served as faculty host in LLSA's Symposium on Latino Critical Race Theory.

Lectured at John Marshall Law School regarding Racial Diversity in the Legal Profession.