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Craig B. Futterman : News

July 24, 2015
"Officials Consider Appeal In Ruling That A Boston Officer Get His Job Back"
by Deborah Becker
May 18, 2015
The National Law Journal
"Chicago Students Police the Police"
by Karen Sloan
April 30, 2015
Law School Communications
by Becky Beaupre Gillespie
April 14, 2015
University of Chicago News Office
by Wen Huang
March 9, 2015
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
"Fighting the ‘Code of Silence’"
by Jack Silverstein
March 4, 2015
Chicago Sun-Times
"Justice Department's Split Decision a Diplomatic Response to Ferguson"
by Mary Mitchell
February 26, 2015
"Chicago Police's So-Called 'Black Site' Mischaracterized"
by Susie An
February 4, 2015
"Police Body Cameras in Action: What Chicago Can Learn from Arizona"
July 30, 2014
The University of Chicago Law School
"CPD Releases Lists of Officers Charged With Repeated Abuse"
by Civil Rights and Police Accountability Clinic