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Craig B. Futterman : News

June 6, 2016
Chicago Tonight
"Chicago Police Union Reacts to IPRA Release of Videos, Audio"
by Eddie Arruza and Meredith Francis
May 23, 2016
Chicago Sun-Times
"City admits ‘code of silence,’ but Rahm may still have to testify"
by Fran Spielman
April 13, 2016
WGN Radio
"How Do High School Students View Their Relationship with the Police?"
April 8, 2016
Hyde Park Herald
"New Report from U. of C. Focuses on Youth/Police Interactions"
by Sam Rappaport
April 6, 2016
Chicago Sun-Times
"To Truly Reform Police, Give IPRA the Boot"
by Craig Futterman and Sheila A. Bedi
February 23, 2016
Law School Communications
by Josephine Oshiafi, ’17
February 21, 2016
The Daily Northwestern
"University of Chicago Professor Says Accountability is Key to Restoring Trust in Police"
by Nora Shelly
February 18, 2016
Urban Research Review
"Seeking Justice: Law Professor Aims to Ignite Change within Chicago’s Police Department"
by Tanya R. Cochran