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Craig B. Futterman : News

February 23, 2016
Law School Communications
by Josephine Oshiafi, ’17
February 21, 2016
The Daily Northwestern
"University of Chicago Professor Says Accountability is Key to Restoring Trust in Police"
by Nora Shelly
February 18, 2016
Urban Research Review
"Seeking Justice: Law Professor Aims to Ignite Change within Chicago’s Police Department"
by Tanya R. Cochran
January 29, 2016
"Craig Futterman: Invisible Institute wins grant to develop ‘Citizen's Date Project'"
December 29, 2015
"Changing Police Response to Shootings"
December 22, 2015
WGN Radio
"Can CPD destroy dismissed misconduct reports?"
by Brian Noonan
December 21, 2015
Yahoo News
"Clock is Ticking on Destruction of Chicago Police Misconduct Files"
by Caitlin Dickson
December 17, 2015
Chicago Sun-Times
"Steinberg: A Time for Heroes"
by Neil Steinberg