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Craig B. Futterman : News

September 1, 2016
ABA Journal
"Law Prof and Journalist Team Up to Hold Police Accountable For Their Actions"
by Lydialyle Gibson
August 30, 2016
All in with Chris Hayes
"CPD Moves to Fire Cops in Laquan McDonald Case"
August 22, 2016
Chicago Tonight
"A Closer Look at Push to Fire Officers in Laquan McDonald Shooting"
August 17, 2016
CBS Chicago
"IPRA Critic Praises Agency’s Boss, But Says It Must Go"
July 8, 2016
Chicago Tribune
by Steve Schmadeke
June 6, 2016
Chicago Tonight
"Chicago Police Union Reacts to IPRA Release of Videos, Audio"
by Eddie Arruza and Meredith Francis
May 23, 2016
Chicago Sun-Times
"City admits ‘code of silence,’ but Rahm may still have to testify"
by Fran Spielman
April 13, 2016
WGN Radio
"How Do High School Students View Their Relationship with the Police?"
April 8, 2016
Hyde Park Herald
"New Report from U. of C. Focuses on Youth/Police Interactions"
by Sam Rappaport
April 6, 2016
Chicago Sun-Times
"To Truly Reform Police, Give IPRA the Boot"
by Craig Futterman and Sheila A. Bedi