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Craig B. Futterman : News

June 14, 2017
Chicago Sun-Times
"Lawsuit, citing ‘thin blue line,’ seeks federal court oversight of CPD"
by Jon Seidel, Fran Spielman and Mitch Dudek
June 14, 2017
The New York Times
"Civil Rights Groups Sue Chicago Over Abuses by Police"
by Richard A. Oppel Jr.
June 14, 2017
The Chicago Tribune
"Federal lawsuit seeks to force court oversight of Chicago police reform"
by Dan Hinkel
June 14, 2017
The Washington Post
"Court oversight of Chicago police reforms sought in lawsuit"
by Michael Tarm
June 14, 2017
Chicago Tonight
"Black Lives Matter Files Lawsuit to Force Chicago Police Reforms"
by Amanda Vinicky
June 5, 2017
"Mayor Defends CPD Monitor Over Consent Decree"
by Shannon Heffernan
June 2, 2017
The Chicago Tribune
"Emanuel backs off from commitment to court oversight of Chicago police reform"
by Dan Hinkel, Annie Sweeney and Bill Ruthhart
May 25, 2017
"Department Of Justice Lawyers Fear Trump Will Scrap All Their Work To Overhaul The Chicago Police"
by Mike Hayes
May 17, 2017
The New York Times
"Chicago Police Adopt New Limits on Use of Force"
by Mitch Smith and Timothy Williams
March 17, 2017
Northwestern Pritzker School of Law
"CPD’s Latest Draft of Use of Force Policy Is Out of Step with Best Practices; Sustained Monitoring of Federal Consent Decree is Needed"