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Joseph Alesia : Courses and Seminars

Ethical Quandaries in Legal Practice
LAWS 41013
With the advent of 24-hour news cycles and the proliferation of social media, the practice of law is under increasingly intense scrutiny from clients, the public, the judiciary, governments, regulators and peers. The attendant risk to the reputations of practicing attorneys is much higher than it has ever been. This seminar will satisfy the professional responsibility/ethics graduation requirement. Through analysis of ethical issues that attorneys face on a daily basis, we will study the challenges, pitfalls, consequences and opportunities associated with the ethical practice of law. Additionally, we will examine the tension caused by attorneys' competing duties to: exercise independent judgment, act as trusted advisors, serve as officers of the court, and provide zealous advocacy. Seasoned attorneys from the public sector, private practice and the judiciary will join portions of the seminar to discuss real world scenarios and provide insight into how attorneys can successfully navigate through today's ethical minefields.
Spring 2014
Joseph Alesia